Tours organized by E-BIKE, pedal assisted bike, to set off to discover the Marca Trevigiana

MAY 28, 2020
Tours organized by E-BIKE, pedal assisted bike, to set off to discover the Marca Trevigiana
Linea Auto & Casa, for over thirty years has been making its professionalism available to the thousands of customers who have crossed the door of the store over the years.
Always in step with new technologies, Linea Auto & Casa wants to offer a GREEN experience, with its E-BIKE park, pedal assisted bikes, to set off to discover OUR TERRITORY.

The shop offers organized tours aimed at discovering our land, and they are accompanied by Certified Guides from the National Mountain Bike Academy, who will take you to see enchanting places, to discover our food and wine treasure and our culture.

You can visit two wonderful lakes of glacial origin, and their surrounding Lakes Park, the most beautiful huts that the Trevigiana Pedemontana community has to offer, with their typical food and wine products and their breathtaking views, where you can see the wonderful Dolomites and to the south the Venetian plain and the Venice Lagoon.

Together you will rediscover ancient millenary glories, at the courts of the Counts of Collalto and Brandolini, who for years, with their imperious castles have dominated the valleys below, valleys that have just become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or the Prosecco area Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG.

The tour par excellence will take you to the most famous CELLARS, to the most romantic and exciting views of an area that for decades has fascinated poets, singers and artists from all over the world with its beauty, unique in the world.

You will taste together one of the most loved wines in the world, the pride of these lands, the Prosecco Superiore DOCG of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, all always riding the E-BIKE, which will allow even the less trained adventurer to enjoy the journey, and bring with you at home a unique baggage of emotions.

The choice of E-BIKE, available both for organized tours and for rental and sale, ranges from Mountain Bikes and Fat Bikes to Pedal Assist, on which to plow even the most inaccessible terrain, to classic City Bikes that will allow the cyclist to travel in urban environments in absolute comfort.

Where is it?
In Pieve di Soligo, in Via Cal Bruna 19, a few minutes from the center of Pieve di Soligo.
In the Linea Auto & Casa sales point you can observe all the various E-BIKE models present in the bike park and communicate in real time with the guides and technicians, always ready to assist you in all your needs.

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