A Cortina’s tale of the Sixties

In Cortina between the fifties and seventies a white bear wandered in the center. It was the attraction of all the tourists and residents who competed to be portrayed together with the bear A kind of “ante-litteram” selfie that made parents happy and the “terror” of the little ones, as evidenced by the expression of this two-year-old girl.

It could be an image depicting 6 people, people standing and outdoor activities
Those were the golden years of the Queen of the Dolomites and two years after this photo the 1956 Olympic Games began. Those who know Cortina need no explanations; the atmosphere at that time was calm and relaxed. The hotels were always full of people. The Milanese, the Romans, the Bolognese were at home.

Of course the heart was like now, Corso Italia and the Hotel De La Poste was the terrace where the Vips went out of their way to get noticed. High-sounding names of politics, culture, sports entertainment. For the less known there were and are hundreds of natural places to visit. It would take days to list them. Refuges, cycle paths, easy and challenging walks in the woods or on the peaks that turn pink at sunset.

Cortina is not a place, it is a sensation. Even if thousands of kilometers away I believe that comparing it to Venice, Florence, New York, San Francisco is not out of place because they are places difficult to describe in words but are imbued with sensations that one carries with him throughout his life. Places of the heart from which it is impossible to stay away.

Pio Dal Cin

(Photo Pio Dal Cin)

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