Amaro with red radicchio from Treviso

Amaro with red radicchio from Treviso

Territory interested in production

Province of Treviso


Amaro with Treviso red radicchio is the result of long research and experimentation. Its recipe has been handed down for generations, its quality derives from the infusion and distillation of red radicchio, known and appreciated all over the world.

Product description

This amaro is based on alcohol, sugar, and Treviso red radicchio (“Tardivo” I.G.P. variety) infused. Its sensory characteristics bring back the classic flavor of Treviso radicchio, both on the nose and on the palate, with a herbaceous aroma, full taste and a bitter aftertaste.

Production process

The red radicchio di Treviso I.G.P is cleaned, washed carefully and cut into small pieces; these are placed in hydroalcoholic infusion at 50 ° for at least sixty days. After this period the infusion is extracted, the residual solid part is distilled and the product is bottled.


A traditional liqueur from the Marca Trevigiana, Amaro al Radicchio Rosso is also available at some specialized retailers in the other Venetian provinces and especially in those of Venice and Padua.


Bitter and digestive, this product should be consumed in small doses usually after meals.

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