Antica Osteria Zanatta

Antica Osteria Zanatta
Modernity in tradition
One of the oldest inns in the Marca Trevigiana, the Antica Osteria Zanatta in Varago di Maserada, has reopened its doors after weeks of work to offer a new menu, inspired by the seasonal restaurant Il Grillo di Cimadolmo with grilled meat and vegetables, in a completely renovated environment.

The project is by the Zanatta sisters, Eva and Emanuela, fourth generation of the tavern managers, who for years have continued the family tradition and who in recent months have embarked on a new path in the name of modernity.
It was 1937 when the Zanattas started their business with a small shop and a tavern where traditional dishes were served.

“They are eighty years of family management, – recalls Paolo Zanatta, father of Eva and Emanuela, one of the first sommeliers in the Veneto region, who with his wife Marisa has successfully managed the tavern for years. – There are few clubs that can say they have children who have an interest in continuing their parents’ business “.

Paolo Zanatta was born and raised in the tavern, he has always worked with passion to carry on the “authentic cuisine of the past”.

Tradition can still be felt, but innovation and modernity have brought about an important turning point for the place. The play area, introduced by the Zanatta sisters, is still present and will allow parents to spend a few hours in peace.

The cuisine is not that of Papa Paolo, of course, but the passion, yes you can see that alive in the eyes of Emanuela and Eva, who gave their soul to this project. “We made a tailor-made suit – says Emanuela. – Having the experience of the summer club, we felt more comfortable with that type of cuisine. It is not the restaurant of the past, also because the culture of eating has changed. Quality and simplicity are sought. We offer both “.

Theme nights will be offered with traditional Venetian dishes, such as boiled meat, tripe and goose.

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