Arredamont: inaugurated today with the Minister D’Incà

The house in the mountains is a corner of paradise, a glimpse of beauty, a dream that becomes reality.

(30 October – 7 November 2021)

Even in a difficult year like this, Arredamont manages to be a complete and modern exhibition dedicated to furniture, accessories, fabrics and objects for mountain homes. The event is dedicated to those who want to furnish their homes and to operators in the tourism sector who are increasingly attentive to the furnishing of their accommodation facilities. Arredamont is history. The story of a one-of-a-kind event in Italy that offers visitors the novelties of the wooden furniture sector by presenting original products alongside traditional furniture and accessories. Every curiosity, every novelty finds its right place. Also through the highly anticipated events that frame the event. With the cutting of the ribbon by the Hon. Federico D’Incà kicked off the 43rd edition today Saturday 30 October which will end on Sunday 7 November.

In his speech, the Minister for Relations with Parliament wished to specify: “The trade fair sector had stood still for too long and today walking among 178 companies is an immense emotion. It is time to be proud because it is the demonstration that we all want to come back to life and to see our forests live again, to continue to cultivate our love for wood, the forest, its colors. In a country that is making the leap, Arredamont is the example to follow. We don’t have to be afraid, we don’t have to hide. Italy is history, not only past but future. And this story was also written by the mountains, Arredamont wrote it and exports it internationally. In these hours in which we are preparing to host the G20 we cannot forget that we will host the Olympics, the most important sporting event on the planet and we will fight with all our possibilities so that all the sectors linked to these magnificent places are strengthened and not “abandoned. “To their fate. A challenge? Yes, a challenge that we want and can win. Staying united and bringing excellences such as Arredamont to examples of international excellence. So, welcome Arredamont back! ».

At the opening of the ceremony, the first, dutiful greeting is that of the President of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, Gian Angelo Bellati: «It is a very important event. It is not the first after the forced lockdown but it is representative of the fact that, slowly, we are returning to normal life. The numbers of this 43rd edition speak for us: 147 companies (some of which arrived at the last minute because in this period of health emergency many decide at the last moment), but we also have 178 prestigious brands with us. There are companies from 12 Italian regions and 6 foreign countries. Our strength is to present and represent products that are typical of the nature of our mountains: and this is certainly our distinctive trait, the same peculiar trait that makes Arredamont a unique event in the trade fair world, even in the plains ».

Absent the President Zaia due to binding commitments, he entrusted his satisfaction with the resumption of Arredamont to a letter: “Mountain furniture and furnishings have their appeal and are the result of a creative but also ingenious craftsman who knows how to grasp the requests of a constantly evolving global market. This furniture is also the expression of the most beautiful mountains in the world, our Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is, therefore, a fair that becomes an attractive flywheel to get to know our territory and appreciate its landscape and cultural wealth. It is also an opportunity to reflect on issues related to wood, a raw material that is part of our experience and that must be protected, giving life to an increasingly sustainable production “.

It is then the turn of the Mayor of Longarone and president of the Province of Belluno Roberto Padrin: «This morning I arrived here with a lot of emotion in my heart to see these pavilions reopen 100% after almost two years. There is a great desire for a fair and this is very important to me: many companies ask us to continue and participate and we want to satisfy them and move forward with them. Starting today and waiting for the “historic” appointment with MIG, I can only foresee a bright future for the Longarone Fair “.

To underline the importance of the Arredamont appointment, the President of Confcommercio Belluno, Paolo Doglioni, also wanted to be present, who sees in this 43rd edition a unique opportunity to start again even stronger. «There is no” one “mountain – said Doglioni – without events like these. Because the mountain is not an end in itself but because it is linked to the wealth it produces, a wealth not only for Arredamont or for Belluno and for the Veneto, but for all of Italy. The noise of the silence, the poetry of the forest are the patrimony of the whole world ».

The Hon. Roger De Menech, whose presence at Arredamont is always a source of pride for him. His words are born from his love for the mountains: «I believe that Arredamont and the Fair are the horizons that we must see in our province. We must cultivate these “niches” where we find that cultural and excellence attraction that only here we can seek. Behind Arredamont there are not only the stands but a future to be grasped in order not to lose our province. After the pandemic that we are still fighting, despite seeing the end of the tunnel, we have noticed social and human changes and bringing this question together with the answer is the future that we must hold in our hands to win this challenge together “.

After the Hon. De Menech the word comes to the MEP Gianantonio Da Re. “Arredamont is the ideal springboard to start again not only for the province of Belluno but for an entire territory. Because we have the characteristics of excellence that are ours alone. So thanks to the fair which is the largest showcase to show the world what the true potential of our Dolomites is ».

Arredamont continues tomorrow and Monday from 10-19, to open weekday afternoons until Friday 5 November from 14 to 19. It will close on the weekend of 6 and 7 November, 10-19 hours.

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