Arredamont starts and exceeds the rosiest expectations

Arredamont marks the first three days of the event and scores almost 10,000 admissions. Well above the wildest expectations. Visitors came from all over the North East and again from Piedmont to Tuscany, from Emilia Romagna to Lombardy, up to Switzerland. And the Swiss in particular, certainly accustomed to very high standards, were complimented not only for the splendid display, but also for the impeccable organization and safety implemented in the Longarone exhibition center.
This 43rd edition of the National Exhibition of Furnishing in the Mountains has therefore proved to be a great success, thanks also to the “SAFE EVENTS protocol adopted by Longarone Fiere Dolomiti on the basis of what has been prepared by the Association of Italian Fairs – AEFI, which has been able to instill safety, guaranteeing a serene experience for visitors ”as highlighted by the President of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, Gian Angelo Bellati.

Still winning are the enthusiasm and passion for design, and the art of furnishing with wood that are able to give moments of well-being and poetry that warm the heart. Thanks to the skill of our craftsmen who bring here all the best of their know-how. At Arredamont their expert hands show us how the house of our dreams, the one in which we would like to see our family grow, can become reality.

But Arredamont is also events, demonstrations and workshops. And here again tomorrow afternoon with Dolomiti HandMade we can attend in the Meeting Area – Pav. D at the “Let’s think about Christmas out of town with new materials” together with Tre Civette sul Comò, or the day after tomorrow at “Gli gnomi montani” and the sewing course creative with Sewing Machines De Min.

We have a certain expectation instead for Thursday 4 November, when at 3 pm the meeting area will host the presentation of the new Expo Dolomiti HoReCa 2022, the trade fair for hospitality and catering in the mountains, where Longarone Fiere and the event partners will show the major projects planned for next year.

Arredamont continues from 14-19 on the next weekdays, to conclude with Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 from 10 to 19. Previews and live streaming on

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