Astego Vegetational Garden in Pieve del Grappa

MAY 6, 2020
Astego Vegetational Garden in Pieve del Grappa

Naturalistic / didactic itinerary

The Astego Vegetational Garden is located in Castagner dea Madoneta in the municipality of Pieve del Grappa, at an altitude of 450 meters on the southern slopes of Monte Grappa. The site, born in 2003 as a forest nursery, was subsequently transformed into an educational garden and is structured on a series of shelves contained by dry stone walls.

The structure proposes, on 16 steps in a simplified key, the succession of natural environments that can be recognized by descending from the peaks of the Venetian pre-Alps to the plain such as the rock garden, the scree, the high altitude prairie, the beech woods, the pasture, the chestnut grove, the olive grove, the oak grove, the plain wood, the crops and much more. A mountain stream and a “roccolo” for fowling have also been reproduced. Another section of the Garden groups the plants by family and by use (beekeeping, edible, aromatic, etc.), and finally a last part is dedicated to mushrooms.

At the Vegetational Garden it is possible to carry out educational visits along the proposed nature trails, workshops on tree recognition and environmental education activities.
The main function of the “Astego” Vegetation Garden are educational visits but in addition to enthusiasts and naturalists, families, curious people and nature lovers in general will find it interesting to visit it.
During the summer it is also open on weekends, entry is free, and ample parking is available.
The site is managed by Veneto Agricoltura – Veneto Agency for innovation in the primary sector – which often organizes themed days such as, for example, the Blooming Festival in June and the Mycological Exhibition in October.
Astego Vegetational Garden
Via Valderoa, 24, 31017 Pieve del Grappa

Opening hours to the public
The opening hours are from 8.00 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 16.00 from Monday to Friday.
During the summer the opening hours are extended on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00 to 18.00.
Free entry.

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