Beekeeping Museum

The museum wants to offer the visitor the opportunity to get closer to the evocative and in some ways mysterious world of the bee, an insect that produces honey but also essential for the pollination of plants and for the protection of the environment.

Inaugurated on June 2, 1996 in Oderzo, the museum was named after the “master beekeeper” Guido Fregonese who throughout his life dedicated care and love for bees and for everything related to the history of Treviso beekeeping.
The museum exhibits a considerable amount of clews, hives, tools as well as a collection of hundreds of books: a unique exhibition of its kind.

It is the first public beekeeping museum in Italy and contains over three thousand years of history of bees, their breeding and the production of honey and wax. A little-known jewel of the artisan art of beekeeping, which every year attracts beekeepers from all over the world: Finland, France, Austria, Germany, England, Hungary and even Korea. A real treasure conceived thanks to the collaboration of Guido Fregonese, opitergine master of all the beekeepers of the Left Piave, by the professor of Agricultural Ecology, now retired, Claudio Graziola of the Agricultural Technical Institute “G. B. Cerletti “based in Piavon and by the expert craftsman Antonio Perissinotto, who created the fittings.

The first seat of the museum was inaugurated in 1996, within the ‘G.B. Cerletti ‘, dedicating it to the master Guido Fregonese. The Opitergino Beekeepers Group, affiliated with APAT (Beekeepers in Veneto) and FAI (Federation of Italian Beekeepers) donated the exhibition material to the Municipality of Oderzo which in 2008 inaugurated the new headquarters in the former nursery school in Magera.

Inside the exhibition there are unique objects from all over the world such as: the tools used to obtain honey and wax from the hive, the evolution of the bugno (the box where bees live) since 1851, the fundamental year for beekeeping, nowadays, feeders for bees, cages for the transport of the queen bee. Not only that: there are also technical sheets that explain the nature, structure and behavior of bees.

In addition to this, the museum offers a collection of hundreds of books that narrate the evolution of beekeeping over the centuries. The volumes are granted for consultation to students and enthusiasts.

To visit the museum, call: Antonio Perissinotto tel. +39 3394339401

Via Sgardoleri, 3 / a, 31046 Oderzo (TV)

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