Boschera di Fregona

Boschera di Fregona

Boschera is a native grape variety present for centuries in the Vittorio Veneto area, in the province of Treviso. Cultivated in the high vineyards close to the woods, it produces few grapes. The berries have a hard and dotted rind, a fruity flavor and a marked acidity.

This vine produces a white berried grape, particularly suitable for drying, which was also called the priest’s grape. Due to its particular quality, following research coordinated by the Experimental Institute for Viticulture of Conegliano Veneto, since 1992 the ancient vine has been registered in the National Register of Vine Varieties and is part of the DOCG of Colli di Conegliano and Torchiato di Fregona. .

Together with Prosecco and Verdiso it is dried on racks and vinified at Easter. The wine thus produced is the famous Torchiato di Fregona Docg which boasts a centuries-old history in the town of Fregona, at the foot of the Cansiglio Forest.
Most likely the Fregonese farmers chose the delayed vinification of dried grapes precisely because of the acidity of this grape which otherwise gave a poor and easily perishable wine.

The Boschera is a white wine with a golden straw yellow color, delicate, slightly tart, fruity with hints of sour apple. Luigi Veronelli described it as “a green, mineral and vegetable thrill”.

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