Caffè Dersut: the museum as a tool for business growth

20 AUGUST 2020
Caffè Dersut: the museum as a tool for business growth
The coffee museum as a place dedicated to the culture of Italian espresso to live it, think about it, experience it and support its development.

A corporate museum is a useful tool for enhancing history, improving product quality and assisting marketing. This is explained by Lara Caballini from Sassoferrato, CEO of Dersut Caffè, a member company of the Italian Espresso Institute (IEI).

Why create a coffee museum? The Dersut Coffee Museum, located in Conegliano, was founded in 2010 by the will of my father Giorgio, to tell the long history of the company. By rediscovering the important heritage of documents, photographs and equipment kept by us, the desire to spread the culture of Italian espresso also arose, so that everyone, operators and consumers, could learn more and together improve the quality of this product of excellence made in Italy, which we hope will soon be recognized and protected as a Unesco intangible asset, a far-sighted goal of the Consortium for the Protection of Traditional Italian Espresso Coffee, chaired by my father. Corporate assets are an increasingly important marketing tool. Heritage marketing is a valuable support for business growth with important commercial and image implications. In support of these actions, we are in fact registered with Museimpresa, the association of national corporate museums and archives supported by Confindustria. Our marketing manager is my sister Giulia.

Who do you meet there and what activities take place there? The museum is open to the public for guided tours by appointment to satisfy the growing number of enthusiasts who, accompanied by our staff, carry out a historical-educational journey along the coffee supply chain, from the plant to the cup, to finally taste the coveted espresso. . A spacious classroom is intended for training courses for industry operators and aspirants: from extraction, to latte art, up to the tasting and evaluation of espresso with the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (Iiac). For the future, we are planning courses aimed at end users of espresso, for a more informed consumption.

What value does IEI (Italian Espresso Institute) have in the dissemination of Italian culture and espresso? We are members of Italian espresso because the purposes of protection and culture of Italian espresso are the primary objective of IEI. On the occasion of Sigep we have been organizing one of the preliminary qualification stages of Espresso Italiano Champion at our stand for two years, involving students from local hotel schools. These very young future baristas struck me for their tenacity, determination and the great preparation they demonstrated by getting involved in a competition with strict rules in front of a large audience: a great source of pride for our sector and for the made in Italy espresso. . Espresso is a real asset, not only because of its qualitative characteristics, but also because it has always been a moment of sharing.
Article by Claudia Ferretti taken from
Italian Espresso Institute – IEI –
The Italian Espresso Institute (, which includes roasters, machine and grinder manufacturers and other associations that turn their attention to quality espresso, today has 34 members with an aggregate turnover of approximately 700 million. of Euro.

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