Casa dei Carraresi- Home of the Carraresi

Structure of extraordinary importance, known for the exhibitions of considerable artistic value and notoriety on the national and international scene that it hosts, the Casa dei Carraresi is located in the historic center of Treviso, in the pedestrian area, between Via Palestro and the Cagnan River, with a facade a portico on the street and another directly on the river. Overall, the style of the building is typical of the medieval city of Treviso.

The current Casa dei Carraresi is the building that contained the Osteria alla Croce since 1354. It is not known whether the original building from 1200 was intended for use as an inn right from its construction or came from a previous use as dwelling.

The name of the building derives from the presence of three coats of arms of the Carraresi present outside the house. Their presence is indirect evidence of the importance that the tavern had in 1300 and of the movement in the neighborhood, later also called ‘della Croce’. The guests of the hotel were in fact people of various backgrounds and professions. Among them were frequent soldiers and officials who, having arrived in the city to settle in positions of power and control economic affairs, also lodged in the city inns, occupying them semi-permanently.

Perhaps those characters had their lord’s signs freshly painted out of deference or publicity or to recognize the conventioned places, which they usually use as a base and meeting place.

Today, among the medieval buildings of Treviso, the Casa dei Carraresi is a lucky exception, enhanced by a renovation that has redesigned it to the cultural life of the city as a Convention Center of the Cassamarca Foundation. In fact, the venue today hosts prestigious temporary exhibitions, with particular attention to the figurative arts.


Days and times vary according to the programming of exhibitions and events.

Via Palestro, 33 – 31100 Treviso (TV)

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