Cecchetto’s Farm

Cecchetto Farm

Cecchetto’s Farm
Giorgio Cecchetto is one of the greatest supporters of the Raboso Piave, now known as Piave Malanotte DOCG, and one of the founders of the Confraternita del Raboso.

The Giorgio Cecchetto farm is located in Tezze, in Vazzola, in the heart of the Province of Treviso.

Born into a peasant family, Giorgio Cecchetto grew up in the land where Raboso del Piave has been grown for centuries. Here he developed his passion for this wine and in 1986 he decided to enhance the company’s production and to enhance the history and quality of this product. Today, among its products, Gelsaia Piave Malanotte DOCG is certainly the best known and most important ambassador of the Rabosa grape. Another wine of great quality is the Sante Rosso Merlot DOC, judged the best merlot in Italy in 2009.


Via Piave, 67 – 31028 Tezze di Piave (TV)

Tel. 043828598 / info@rabosopiave.com


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