“Choose” by Ponte1948. Uncork and drink!

"Choose" by Ponte1948. Uncork and drink!


Your favorite cocktail in two steps: uncork and drink! You are at home, on the sofa, in religious preparation for the national team game but … the scorching heat of these days inhibits your enthusiasm … so you dream of a fresh and colorful drink, ready to drink with zero fuss … Impossible? Nooo, Choose! Choose by Ponte1948 is the all-Italian ready-made drink, good, healthy and easy to drink thanks to the alcohol content of only 5.5% and the clever open & close finned mushroom cap.
2 new super-exotic cocktails, Margarita and Sex on the Beach, join the classic Mojito, Spritz and Negroni. You can taste them alone for a light aperitif …

The ideal combination for the most famous Mexican cocktail in the world is Latin foods. Spicy, spicy and tasty. Think for example of tapas or classic tortillas stuffed with meat and spicy sauce… it also goes well with mixed fried foods and shrimp-based appetizers with paprika sauce.

Sex On The Beach
Invented in 1987 by the clearly Italian bartender Ted Pizio of Confetti’s bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Sex on the Beach cocktail is usually served alone. It can be accompanied by finger food, spoon aperitifs, delicious and light, small tomato and feta croutons or with fresh salads by the glass. All strictly informal.

An aperitif of Caribbean origin, the mojito is served with slices of lime, mint leaves and, of course, ice. The suggested combination is with finger food based on vegetables and fish, strictly served at room temperature,
fresh and light.

The most famous Italian aperitif in the world, suitable to be served with a slice of orange and ice. Accompanied with finger food with an important flavor, think of battered vegetables, croquettes or croutons stuffed with typical cold cuts
of the Venetian ‘bacari’

Designed in Florence in 1919-20 by Count Camillo Negroni, it can only be eaten with orange peel and ice. Those who prefer it as an aperitif combine it with finger food based on fresh cheeses or cured meats. A really interesting combination to try is with lightly salted meat tartare and accompanied by a note of artisan mustard, in the best Italian tradition.

…Or you can mix them with stronger spirits to celebrate a great victory
and turn on the after dinner of these new, extraordinary magical nights!

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