Colli di Conegliano Torchiato di Fregona

Colli di Conegliano Torchiato di Fregona is a DOCG passito wine produced in the Province of Treviso. Torchiato is one of the local wine gems. For this the Strada del Prosecco has dedicated an itinerary to its DOCG production area, from Anzano to Fregona, Osigo, Mantaner, Cappella Maggiore and Sarmede, the latter home of the prestigious International Exhibition of Illustration for Children which hosts every year between November and December an important exhibition of works and drawings by illustrators for children from all over Italy and abroad. Every year an event is held in April and May that brings to the public the production of Torchiato from the last vintage. It is the Torchiato exhibition ( It takes place at the Troyer Salvador Bacchiani villa with the organization of the Pro Loco of Fregona. The producers of the area participate in the exhibition and tasting of their products and it is a party for everyone. The gratifications of two years of intense work are collected and we measure ourselves between the different companies to define the productions of the highest typicality and company value. During the week of the Exhibition there is the possibility for visitors to participate in guided or non-guided tastings of every single local Torchiato production. Most of the local winemakers gathered in the cooperative to coordinate the activities to promote the image of the cooperative and to produce a unique product called “piera Dolza”. The headquarters of the Cooperative is in via Castagnola 50, at the brand new Grape Appassimento Center. In its aims, the Cooperative also has that of making Torchiato known also in other areas of the Italian province and regions given its still limited area of ​​presence and diffusion and which, in consideration of its qualitative value, would have the potential for greater real of knowledge among connoisseurs of fine wines. FEATURES Rare wine, for meditation. Limpid and with an intense golden yellow color, with sometimes amber reflections, Torchiato is a wine that on the nose is rich in aromas and perfumes, among which are immediately recognizable those of honey and vanilla, with a background of dried fruit in general and of wood. On the contrary, the taste is balanced: the sugary, alcoholic and acid components blend harmoniously giving the wine a certain structure. A strong and delicate passito at the same time, whose limited production makes it a refined and valuable wine that can accompany biscuits and small pastries in an exceptional way, but that does not fear the comparison even with fois gras and blue cheeses. It owes its name to the very particular production procedure: the bunches, selected from vineyards of Prosecco, Verdiso, Boschera and other non-aromatic grapes, are left to dry until spring. The grapes are softly pressed in manual presses with a yield that does not exceed 25%. The must obtained is left to mature in small wooden barrels until the beginning of the new year, when the winemakers pour it into the bottle. Torchiato is sweet, with a pleasant alcoholic balance, with golden reflections and an intense aroma. The flavor is full and warm. The bunches are detached when ripe, after which they are hung one by one on cords or laid out on racks in dry and well-ventilated areas, taking care to remove the berries that are broken or attacked by unwanted mold. The duration of the drying can vary depending on the sugar density to be obtained, but it generally lasts a few months. During the week of Easter, the grapes are destemmed by hand and the dried grapes are pressed after soft pressing. The must thus obtained is left to ferment throughout the summer in wooden barrels, or in glass containers that guarantee greater finesse to the product. The premises where the grapes are processed all belong to small companies in the area, which guarantee artisanal vinification. The constant temperature of the rooms allows for an ideal maturation and refinement of the wine. THE TERRITORY Three municipalities in which it is produced, Fregona, Cappella Maggiore and Sarmede, and three varieties of white grapes used: prosecco, verdiso and boschera. The area of ​​the square and the Town Hall is very suggestive of Sarmede, surrounded by houses with walls decorated by children’s designers. Fregona instead extends to the slopes of the Cansiglio forest and is made up of small sunny villages, scattered on the slopes of Mount Pizzoc (m. 1565). At the beginning of the 19th century, the Cimbrian populations arrived here and for years worked in the Gran Bosco da Reme, the point of origin of the famous Remiera road traveled by the wagons that transported the timber to Venice. Fregona is famous for its typical dairy products that you can buy at the Agricansiglio Dairy in the numerous stores in the area and for the fine production

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