Dersut Caffè in support of the environment

13 MAY 2021
Dersut Caffè in support of the environment
Every day Dersut is strongly committed to being kind to the environment, paying attention to the sustainability of the entire production process!

For years we have adhered to the “corporate sustainability project” of Assindustria Venetocentro, we also support the environment by joining other important projects:

Recreate yourself, aimed at reusing waste materials;
Too Good To Go, which aims to reduce food waste.

Dersut’s belief is that a quality product can only be appreciated in a harmonious and respectful context of nature. Starting from this assumption, Dersut was one of the first coffee roasters in Italy to choose technologies that would minimize the impact of its business on the environment.

The company is equipped with a methane heat generator, smoke burners and a cyclone which prevents the dispersion of roasted coffee particles into the atmosphere. The happy union between technological knowledge and environmental sensitivity and a great ability to reconcile ethical and economic action are just some of the values ​​that have managed to give Dersut great visibility and appreciation in the sector.

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