Dersut Caffè opens the first single-brand store abroad

31st MARCH 2017
Dersut Caffè opens the first single-brand store abroad
On 6 April 2017, the historic roasting company of Treviso Dersut Caffè will inaugurate the first single-brand store outside the national territory in Vienna, part of the Bottega del Caffè Dersut chain (

After a year full of news (such as the online magazine launched in November – and new customer acquisitions in Central and Eastern Europe, the company continues to get involved, with a total opening to the foreign market.

A project appreciated by the bartenders from beyond the Alps, who despite having a clientele different from the Italian one, appreciate and recognize the value of the project and the ten-year tradition behind it.

The company’s plans include the opening in the future of a series of single-brand foreign stores, of which the Bottega del Caffè in Vienna will be the first test location.

For more info: Dersut Caffe
Via Tiziano Vecellio, 6 – 31015 Conegliano (Tv)
tel. +39 0438 411200 – – ​​

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