DERSUT COFFEE MUSEUM “… from the plant to the cup, a journey through the history of coffee.”
The Dersut Coffee Museum, inaugurated on 9 October 2010, is the testimony of a company history, a sector and a city. The route, entitled “… from the plant to the cup, a journey through the history of coffee.”, Allows the visitor, following a path of walkable cups, to discover and learn about the entire coffee supply chain, from the cultivation and processing of the bean to the cup. , retracing the entire history of the espresso machine.
The museum, a completely renovated ex bachificio, is on two floors and divided into four thematic sections. The first section, dedicated to the coffee plant with an air-conditioned greenhouse, is followed by the second section dedicated to the history of roasting, with a rich display of roasting systems. The path continues, upstairs, with a fine display of grinders and the history of the cafeteria and the espresso machine, with numerous ancient examples, from the very first column steam machines.
The exhibition ends in the large tasting – training room, also on the upper floor of the Museum, where Dersut has created the new training center: the ABCD Accademia Baristi Caffe ‘Dersut.
The Coffee Museum has obtained the patronage of the City of Conegliano, is part of the Trevigiani Museums Network and is associated with Museimpresa.

ABCD is the Made in Dersut Academy born with the intention of offering a training course that covers the world of coffee at 360 degrees by disseminating the excellence of espresso. The path is designed to guide less experienced staff to gain confidence with the tools of the cafeteria but also for those who already have a good foundation, to be consolidated to complete their growth path, up to the more experienced, who will have the opportunity to improve further.
The courses are divided into theoretical and practical parts and have been developed so that the knowledge acquired can enhance professionalism and characterize one’s own premises.
In addition to the PASSION COFFEE course, the Academy offers basic and advanced courses in cafeteria, latte art, consultancy, the possibility of obtaining licenses and certifications and much more!

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