Dersut together with WelfareCare in the battle against breast cancer

Dersut together with WelfareCare in the battle against breast cancer

Free mammograms thanks to Dersut Caffè

Dersut has been supporting various social projects for years, such as WelfareCare’s “Prevention is life” in the battle against breast cancer.

On Saturday 19 June the WelfareCare mobile clinic will arrive at the Dersut Coffee Museum, to perform the free mammograms we made available last month, all booked! The appointment with prevention is upon us!

The “Prevention is Life” project and the Dersut commitment

“It is never repeated too often: prevention is essential. Do you know that “Early Diagnosis” remains today the most effective form of prevention in the fight against breast cancer? In recent years, the spread of mammography screening programs in Italy has had excellent results, helping to increasingly reduce breast cancer mortality.

However, not all women can take advantage of this prevention service for free: the 40/49 age group remains excluded, thus becoming particularly at risk.

The “Prevention is Life” project seeks to improve this situation, including this age group in the offer of a mammogram every two years, totally free. It is possible to book it via the internet through the portal, thus taking advantage of the service at the Affiliated Diagnostic Centers.

All this takes place without the use of public funds, but through the commitment of the companies that have decided to support “Prevention is Life”. We are among them: we have decided to donate 36 mammograms to women in our area who fall into the risk range.

We strongly believe in this initiative, which takes care not only of offering financial support to those excluded from screening projects, but also of spreading the culture of prevention more and more.”

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