Discovering Borgo Malanotte, the European village of taste

OCTOBER 24, 2013
Discovering Borgo Malanotte, the European village of taste
Path marked by Hotel Villa Maternini in Vazzola

Tezze, part of the municipality of Vazzola, is part of the network of European Taste Villages. Here began the production of the famous Raboso del Piave wine, today more than ever the pride and pride of the area’s wineries also in the Malanotte DOCG version.

Worth mentioning is the characteristic and picturesque Borgo Malanotte, which hosts historical events and re-enactments, but you can also find the beautiful restaurant located in the ancient villa as well as the tavern where you can taste the characteristic asparagus and eggs dish. Interesting is the presence of an ancient Roman column, probably dating back to the 5th century AD, found and unearthed by Pietro Antonio Malanotte in the year 1772.

The route includes a stop in a renowned winery where you can take a guided tour of the vineyards, at the end of which you can taste the wines that have won prizes at Vinitaly and other prestigious competitions, all accompanied by typical local products, at the end of the tasting you will be gift of a pack of 2 bottles of their production.

Continuing towards San Polo di Piave you will be delighted in front of the particularity of the country residence castle of the Papadopoli family and you will discover the wonderful church of San Giorgio and its frescoes.

Outside it is surrounded by an ancient cemetery enclosed by walls and inside, wonderful frescoes decorate the walls including a last dinner where crayfish appear on the table to symbolize the typicality of local foods even then.

Finally you can get to Ormelle, the last trappa of our. tour, to discover the wonderful church built by the Order of the Knights Templar in the thirteenth century.

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