Egg liqueur

Egg liqueur

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The marsala cream product was already among the liqueurs marketed in the 1930s. The validity of its composition is confirmed unchanged over the years, thanks to the use of simple and natural raw materials.

Product description

The egg liqueur is prepared using fresh beaten egg yolk, sugar, natural flavors and fine marsala DOC. It has a marked creamy aroma, a sweet and delicate taste; it has a moderate alcohol content (16 ° VOL) ​​and takes on a yellowish color.

Production process

The yolks of fresh hand-split eggs are beaten in pure alcohol and sugar. The cream thus obtained is refrigerated and filtered; a clear liquid is obtained at about 75 °, to which marsala, natural flavors and other sugar are added to obtain the finished product. The final grade of the product is checked and possibly corrected with small additions of marsala or good taste alcohol. The product is aged in special tanks for an average period of 9 months or in any case never less than three. It is usually filtered 2-3 months after preparation, preferably in the cold months of the year. After the maturing period, the product is bottled.


Widely distributed throughout the Veneto, the product is easily found at any retail store.


Given the low alcohol content of this liqueur and the energy charge due to the egg, it is well suited to be consumed as a regenerating and warming agent after practicing winter sports.

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