Fontane Bianche Oasis in Fontigo

10 APRIL 2015
Fontane Bianche Oasis in Fontigo
The Fontane Bianche Oasis is located in Fontigo near Farra di Soligo and is a naturalistic area between the fluvial terrace and the bed of the Piave river in an area where the groundwater of the Quartier del Piave plain emerges on the surface, gushing to all the year. At the Falzè di Piave roundabout, take the road towards Fontigo / Vidor and after about 800 meters on the left, take the country road (signpost) that leads us to this place. There are two car parks: the first near the old mill and the other right at the entrance to the oasis for a total of about 20 parking spaces. The 1 and a half hour circular route is exclusively for pedestrians and crosses the floodplain wood between springs and ponds that create truly enchanting views.
The best seasons to visit this place are autumn to observe migratory birds (kingfisher, mallard, gray heron) and spring for the flowering of the local flora (orchids, sea buckthorn, white willow) … but I also believe that in summer here you can find shelter from the heat. After crossing the Barnes ford on the footbridge, you enter the oasis and head right into the floodplain wood. The route is always well signposted and presents no difficulty. Point of observation. In a short time we arrive at the observation point of the gray herons and shortly after the observation tower of migratory birds which inside contains an illustrative panel on the most representative species of the place.

Once down from the tower, continue along the route always accompanied by the roar of the water; if every now and then you stop to peer inside them you can also catch a glimpse of some trout and a strange insect, whose name I do not remember, which moves in the waters creating strange figures. Shortly before completing the itinerary, you pass in front of a shed, where you can take a break, and a sort of peninsula equipped with benches and tables where at sunset the sun creates strange plays of light and where I invite you to stop and look at it. flow of water to notice its purity; in some places it seems that on the river bed some stones have been placed on purpose to create a floor effect.

Texts and photos taken from the site

Walk to the White Fountains from Sernaglia della Battaglia

Difficulty: low
Journey time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes
Clothing: comfortable, sports shoes recommended

Period: all year round

Departure from Piazza Martiri della Libertà in Sernaglia della Battaglia. Take viale della Rimembranza and via Gravette up to the intersection with the ring road. Immediately on the right for 300 m. approximately, towards Fontigo and then take the local road of the Valley in correspondence with the road sign “Fontane Bianche and Naturalistic Park”.

Along the “strada de la Valle” on the left is the “vecio mulin de Oria” and immediately after you arrive at the Piave and more precisely to its first branch called “Fontane Bianche”: the name, which takes its cue from the clarity of the waters , identifies a fascinating floodplain area, at the mouth of the Rabòs and Rospér streams in the bed of the Piave, between the villages of Fontigo and Falzè di Piave.

The area is almost entirely covered with dense vegetation, and crossed by a dense web of streams, fed by the numerous springs that emerge here.

After crossing the three wooden bridges, immediately on the right you will find the indication “ecological path”; continue along the Fontane Bianche branch until you reach the road of via Casona (90 m).

Go up the aforementioned road until you reach the small church of Santa Libera and then cross the Fontigo ring road and return to the starting point.

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