Hockey Cortina wins with Acqua Dolomia at Expo Dolomiti HoReCa

Delegate Councillor Trevisan: “We will meet again at the ice cream fair in November”.

For President Bellati: “an important day, because we will have the presentation of the candidature of the Veneto Region as European Sport Region 2024”.

Enthusiastic ACES Europe and President Gian Francesco Lupatelli welcomed the team: ‘A hard sport, a sport that creates a human relationship, a great value of society, of friendship’.

The food fairs arrive in Longarone and the agreement signed by the Fair with Acqua Dolomia is on show. Already at Dolomiti HoReCa, held a couple of weeks ago, the well-known water of the Dolomites was present. It will repeat at the International Ice Cream Exhibition from 27 to 30 November.
Speaking on Tuesday 11 October was the Managing Director of Sorgente Valcimoliana Srl, Nicola Trevisan, who represents the new owner of Acqua Dolomia, Luigi Rossi Luciani. “We are here at the fair in Longarone and we are present with the Dolomia stand. We are continuing our collaboration with the Longarone Fair, which began some time ago, but which we continue with great pleasure”. Trevisan continues by emphasising that ‘we are here today with HoReCa 2022, but we will see each other again at the ice cream fair at the end of November, and it is a partnership that we would like to continue in the future’.
Highlighting the importance of this collaboration is the President of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, Gian Angelo Bellati: ‘We are delighted that Dolomia has strengthened its corporate structure, because it is such a beautiful company. I invite everyone to take a trip there, here near Longarone, because it is an interesting company that also offers a lot of information and gives us an idea of what quality water means. So for us, being a small fair, a mountain fair, a very specific fair for the area, to collaborate with a company from the area is something particularly interesting and positive. Let us also remember that we are now at HoReCa, but the International Ice Cream Exhibition is the oldest in the world. As ancient is also the water that comes out of the Dolomites and is used to fill dolomite bottles. This ice cream fair of ours is a reminder of the quality of ice cream that also comes from the good water, the good milk that is around here. We invite you all, therefore, from 27 to 30 November to the MIG, the oldest in the world’.
Also on Tuesday, at the Acqua Dolomia stand, special guests. Sponsor of Hockey Cortina, the team came to visit us together with the historic team leader, Gianfranco Talamini. A pleasant surprise that coincided with the visit of Aces Europe, the association that has been awarding the European Capital of Sport prize since 2001. Accompanying the delegation between the stands was Bellati himself. “Ice hockey represents one of those sports that we as Longarone Fiere Dolomiti are very interested in,” he said. He particularly emphasised the novelty of the new Dolomiti Sport Convention. “Today is an important day, because we will also have the presentation of the candidature of the Veneto Region as European Sport Region 2024”.
Enthusiastic Aces Europe President Gian Francesco Lupatelli: ‘In Italy it is not usual to be welcomed by a hockey team. Abroad, and in all the northern countries, ice hockey is a common practice; therefore, it gives me great pleasure to see the people of Cortina carrying on this splendid sport. A tough sport, a sport that creates a human relationship, a great value of society, of friendship’. And turning to the young players in the team: ‘Because among you, you are friends! Lupatelli continued, highlighting the reason for his coming, together with Aces Italia: “Soon the Honourable Rosanna Conte will arrive, also from Brussels, to celebrate this Fair, which President Bellati leads with excellent work. I thank all the sportsmen and women of Veneto, who are the basis of this candidacy. I thank Governor Zaia and Councillor Corazzari. I hope that Veneto wins, that Veneto is in Europe, because it absolutely deserves it’.
Team leader Talamini was also delighted with this presence, explaining that ‘here is a representation of our current athletes, some young and some not so young’. And commenting on the hockey season: ‘the results so far give us high hopes for the final result of this championship, which, as we know, does not only involve Italian teams. We also play with Austrian teams and Slovenian teams’.

On the next day of the fair, Dolomia was again the protagonist with a conference entitled ‘Acqua Dolomia, excellence of the Dolomites: at the service of catering and hospitality’, which saw the intervention of Dr. Lina Di Daniel, Quality and Laboratory Manager of Sorgente Valcimoliana Srl, the company that bottles Acqua Dolomia: ‘Today I had the pleasure of holding a short conference for the HoReCa fair where I spoke about the characteristics of our water at a chemical and physical level, purity of origin and special features. We also introduced some suggestions on how our water can be used in the kitchen. So not only is it a great water to drink, but also as an ingredient in food preparations. Our water originates from the protected territory of the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park, in the Cimolais area, thus not far from Longarone. The territory is also part of the UNESCO recognition. An uncontaminated place from which an excellent water originates’.

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