In Longarone the official presentation of Expo Dolomiti Horeca 2022

The future of hospitality and catering in the mountains today at Arredamont

Expo Dolomiti HoReCa is a moment of encounter between hoteliers, restaurateurs, public businesses in the Dolomites with companies that supply this important sector with goods and services. Tourism, which is constantly expanding in the Dolomite mountains, needs a meeting point where new business can be developed for companies working in the HoReCa world. It is for this reason that an important meeting was held during Arredamont, introduced by the President Gian Angelo Bellati, which saw the representatives of almost all the commercial categories at the table. Tourism thus becomes the keystone for the relaunch of an area (the Belluno area) that has not yet revealed all its beauties, but which now, with Horeca, European funds, the Digitour project, trade associations and, why not ? even a little bit of optimism can really be modeled on the most inclusive “territory” of Italy. It is the president of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti who opens the round table. “The ongoing collaboration for Dolomiti Horeca to be held on 10/11/12 October 2022 is of strategic importance for the production world: wood, the environment, the fundamental development of the area are the present and the future. Tourism is the main road for these mountain areas to create jobs and increase the resident population. It is important to see buyers from all over the world arrive to promote our Region. Behind this work, however, there is an agri-food sector, that of equipment, that of supplies. It is a production system that is getting back into motion and that must accelerate to bring our territory to excellence. One example is MIG. Many thought it would disappear, but this year’s will be the first example of a new version of the MIG. We are also working for sport with the Olympics and therefore with all the related supply chains. Ultimately, the importance of European certification to access funds is of vital importance and we have it. This is why the Digitour project we are presenting and supporting is only the first step for us ». Going back to the words of Bellati, it is the turn of Valentina Gamba who has exposed the key points of the project with partners Longarone Fiere and Venetian Cluster. “For SMEs, it is a project aimed at promoting the spread of digitization, innovation and new technologies in tourism through transnational cooperation and capacity building. We have a geographical coverage of 8 countries and, by targeting SMEs and micro-enterprises, we can provide access to European international networks. The tourism sector is among the most important and rapidly growing economies in Europe, and plays a vital role in the development of the territories, also in connection with other economic sectors, such as transport, culture and cultural and creative industries. Digitour aims to increase the competitiveness and resilience of tourism SMEs in Europe to face the new challenges of the sector through the launch of a call for expressions of interest for suppliers of innovative, digital and intelligent solutions, new technologies, training services and consultancy, for the creation of a database to support tourism companies or the creation of a B2B platform to put the companies of the tourism ecosystem in contact with each other and with the companies of the digital ecosystem. At least 130 SMEs in the tourism sector from at least 12 countries will benefit from the economic and non-economic support of the Digitour project. Of these SMEs, at least 24 will be based in the Veneto Region ». The project immediately found the support of Mauro Topinelli, Dolomiti Show Director: «We can say that the team has been created. There is an annual appointment with a fundamental objective: to promote Veneto as a meeting point to provide a functional strategy for the Belluno area and the Region by combining supply and demand. Of course, we start from Belluno but, from recent meetings, the importance of our heritage but also the lack of knowledge of identification with the territory have emerged. This is why the link between public and private becomes fundamental. An opportunity that Unesco and other partners want to develop by sharing it with us so that the Belluno area becomes inclusive, making the mountain accessible to all “. Alessandra Magagnin, Sole Director DMO Dolomiti is also on the same line: «There are important games to play and to win even with the calls that we will intercept. It is like a waterfall; if one supply chain works, then all the others begin to run. In this post-covid phase, tourism is very important, from accommodation to equipment. There are many problems to be faced but if tourism is the driving force, these problems can be solved, together, by doing promoting and thus also increasing the staff that is currently lacking. We must give jobs to those who live here and restart the economy through quality tourism “. Following the intervention of Walter De Cassan, president of Federalberghi Belluno Dolomiti, who underlined a brief restart in the sector with, however, a long way to go, but it is precisely by teaming up that we can also attack the markets that we risked losing. . More optimistic Roberta Alverà, President of the Cortina Hoteliers Association: «Today more than ever it is necessary to plan and plan the changes that await us. On the other hand, we have a moral obligation to adapt to the new demands of the tourist and the situations we will face. We must continue on that virtuous and receptive path that we took when they entrusted us with the organization of the Winter Olympics. We have a duty to take up the challenge ». Michele Basso, Director of Confartigianato Imprese Belluno, is even more optimistic: “I praise the Digitour project that we will send to all our consortium members because it is certainly the way to go and I hope that our province can become the most accessible in Italy and I refer to what said by Topinelli on the importance of the involvement of the territory in the preparation of the games and beyond. This is why there must be shops, artisans, accommodation because otherwise the tourist would not have the opportunity to discover the reality of our territory. This is why tourism can be the umbrella that can cover the entire relaunch of an economic and even urban movement which, for now until 2026, but also afterwards, can become the springboard for the challenges of the future “. Michele Sella, representing the Appia CNA Belluno Restaurateurs, focused on catering: «Being a group and a team among the various tourism sectors is essential for all our members. I appeal to schools, especially hotels, to undertake training to graduate young people who are ready to approach the world of work and above all eager to work. With our high professionalism, tourists are also encouraged to consider us an excellence not only from the point of view of the restaurant itself but also by appreciating our typical products “. With him Renato Bastasin, Director of Confagricoltura Belluno: “We focus on a multifunctionality of agriculture. Tourism cannot exist if the actors linked to agricultural production are excluded in our territories. Certainly there are difficulties in involving entrepreneurs especially after Covid but it is important that the concept is absorbed by everyone because I feel that the “pride” of belonging to our territories is beginning to lack. And this, however, is also fundamental from the point of view of our product because if we all work well and can help each other, then we will be able to realize and transform all these splendid projects into reality “. In conclusion, another protagonist of the supply chain, Marco Vuerich Coldiretti Terranostra Belluno: “I bring the voice of the Belluno agritourists because Horeca 2022 can be the beginning of a path with a change of course that will bring us together until 2026 and beyond. Valuing and bringing the local product to excellence. We have already started a path of growth that can give added value with the aim that our local product keeps up with the old and new demands that consumers and tourists will make. We have at our disposal a 100% natural territory and this must be our strength ». In short, Horeca and tourism, Fair and Digitour: a pact for the future (and the present).

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