Italo Cescon

Italo Cescon

Italo Cescon
It was 1954, when Italo Cescon, having completed his military service, decided to follow the path taken by his grandfather Domenico, a wine producer in the Raboso del Piave area. Shortly thereafter, exactly in 1957, the “Italo Cescon” winery was born, immediately dedicated to the production of bottled wine, especially for sale in taverns and restaurants.

These are the origins of a winery which, in the territory of the municipality of Ormelle, about thirty kilometers from Treviso, is now a company extending over a 115 hectare vineyard area. The name has remained that of “Italo Cescon”, but now leading the company are the sons of Italo himself, Gloria, Graziella and Domenico, modern interpreters of ancient traditions. The company, which can count on six distinct estates falling within the denominations of Piave, Friuli and Valdobbiadene, follows the same philosophy set over fifty years ago, which enhances the value of time, care and work, and respects the land, nature and authenticity.

In land particularly suited to the cultivation of vines, the plants are raised by safeguarding the environment and ecosystem as much as possible, and intervening as little as necessary with mechanical, physical and chemical means. Between the rows, the native vines and the international varieties grow side by side, for which there are clusters of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, marzemino, pinot nero, refosco and raboso del Piave, and again of glera, chardonnay, pinot grigio , pinot bianco, friulano, verduzzo trevigiano, sauvignon, riesling and white manzoni. Grapes that are processed in a rigorous and meticulous manner in the cellar, scrupulously monitoring each production step, from vinification to aging, to bottling and refinement. It is in this way that each bunch comes to tell the ancient history of the varietal to which it belongs, expressing itself in wines such as the “Madre”, the Prosecco of the “I Collinari” line, the “Tralcetto”, the “Cru”, the “Organics” and the “Ca ‘della Scala”.

Labels, those grouped under the name of “Italo Cescon”, which from Veneto to Friuli Venezia Giulia, are recognized and sought after at an international level, and are highly faithful to the terroir they belong to, as well as unique and inimitable in every single peculiarity.


Piazza dei Caduti, 3 – 31024 Roncadelle di Ormelle (TV)
Tel. +39.0422.851033 / Fax +39.0422.851122 /

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