Kayaking on the Sile to discover the natural beauties of Treviso

NOVEMBER 15, 2017
Kayaking on the Sile to discover the natural beauties of Treviso
In English, Venetian style or by kayak. Or, on a comfortable Dragon boat, to distribute the effort with nineteen other rowing companions. From the first months of 2018 it will be possible to visit Treviso in a new, green and exciting way: wandering on the green waters of the River Sile. Tours in pairs, quartets or groups to discover the wonders of the city of water from the perspective of a river of extraordinary beauty. The idea of ​​strengthening the tourist offer through guided boat tours was born from the Sile rowers, with its 110 years of life, the oldest sports association in Treviso. Not just beauties, mind you. You also have to do your part with the oar. A way to combine extraordinary views, closed to view from the street, with a little healthy physical activity, possible for all ages.

The initiative will allow you to experience the pleasure of rowing and to visit Treviso in an unusual way.

The exits will be of various lengths: they can last from two hours to the whole day. To the sporting outing only, it will be possible to combine a navigation with a naturalistic guide that introduces the visitor to the tree species and animals that populate the river and its bed. Courses and outings will range from a 10 euro refund for students to a 35 euro ticket (including nature guide) for adults taking the full package. Two special initiatives are linked to the project: the possibility (for a fee) of team building and rowing for the handicapped, strictly free.

For more info:
Amateur Sports Association Società Canottieri Sile
Via Tezzone, 17 31100 Treviso

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