Le Bastìe Bianco by Tenute Tomasella

The result of a twenty-year commitment to enhance the Friulian grape variety

Le Bastìe Bianco was born from the intuition of Paolo Tomasella, owner of the homonymous farm, to enhance the main vine of the winery’s production, the Friulano, inspired by the great white wines of Burgundy. Thus began 20 years ago a path of research, passion and dedication that made Le Bastìe bianco an internationally recognized excellence; search for the right relationship between fruit and vegetative elements, the manual harvest carried out plant for
plant according to the level of ripeness of the bunches, the selection by means of an optical sorter that scans every single grape and discards those deemed not sufficiently ripe, the diversification of the winemaking processes to respect and maximize the fruit and finally the passion in the care of the vine and a great dedication in the long aging phase of a wine that usually does not leave the cellar before 60 months from the harvest.

“Conceived as the maximum expression of the territory, Le Bastìe Bianco, Friulano in purity, is vinified entirely in wood,” Burgundian “, with delicate interventions on the grapes and must – explains the owner Paolo Tomasella – Time and patience, grace and kindness they are in our every action and reflect the result we are looking for.”

Le Bastìe is vinified in white, subjected to cryomaceration for 10 hours and soft pressing; fermentation takes place in barriques, aged from 12 to 16 months in tonneaux and barriques, 12 months in steel and 36 months in bottle. It is an elegant and balanced wine, with an enveloping taste, with pleasant notes of hazelnuts and exotic fruit. On the nose the perfume is fine and intense with excellent persistence and complexity, harmonious with a perfect combination of fruity and spicy sensations and balsamic notes on the finish. It is an eclectic wine, particularly suitable for pairing with tasty and medium-bodied cuisine, such as fish or shellfish dishes, baked fish, risotto or pasta with porcini mushrooms,
tasty white meats and mature soft cheeses.

The numerous international awards obtained, the last in the IWSC competition which awarded him 93 points, confirm his qualities of refinement and harmony between the mature body, the hints of tropical fruit and the elegant acidity, which make Le Bastie bianco a flagship of Tenute Tomasella.

Tomasella Estates

The Tenute Tomasella winery is located in Mansué in the province of Treviso. It extends between the DOC Friuli and the
Prosecco DOC Treviso on 50 hectares of vineyards, of which 10 in Friuli and 40 in Veneto from which 82,000 bottles are produced the year. Lands where the passage between two borders does not create divisions, but brings riches of nuances to each bottle, making even the most traditional of wines a unique wine. A passion that has been handed down from generation to generation for over 50 years, with the belief that to arouse emotions it takes time and patience, to follow the rhythms of nature and patiently listen to what the earth wants to express and tell. Absolute specialization and enhancement of wine culture, attention to quality and the choice of avant-garde oenological principles aimed at pure conservation of what comes from the vineyard, the hand-harvested with delicacy and respect characterize each phase of the production, which for Tenute Tomasella is the most sincere expression of a territory. The result is high quality wines, exquisitely genuine yet unconventional, capable of surprising bringing to the table the story of a land and giving a sensory experience in the name of harmony, refinement and elegance.
In 2013 Tenute Tomasella became part of the Tergeo Project of the Italian Wines Union, aimed at supporting of sustainable practices in viticulture, today it adheres to the lines of defense provided for by the production regulations
integrated of the Veneto and Friuli regions.

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