Le Calandrine Restaurant

Le Calandrine Restaurant
Once upon a time there was the Osteria, the true heart of what has been defined as the “Historical Place of Italy”.

Born from the renovation of an old farmhouse used as a stable, immersed in the landscape of the Piave graves, the Osteria has grown and evolved step by step thanks to the will and commitment of the three partners – Gianni, Iliana and Remo – who believed in the beauty of environment and in the flavors of the territory.

The distinctive sign of the Osteria del Parco Ristorante Le Calandrine is the coat of arms, inherited from the counts of the Papadopoli family, originally from Corfu and then living in Venice, which inspired the name of the place itself. In fact, the calender is the representative bird of the Grave di Papadopoli, where it found its ideal habitat.

What you breathe when you enter the Le Calandrine Restaurant is the spirit of hospitality, where you can chat and relax, waiting for a lunch and dinner, or spend a pleasant break.

The room of the stars, the room of energy, the wine shop, all settings where you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere full of inviting sensations.

The cuisine is the real flagship of the Le Calandrine Park Restaurant, with its particularly rich menu linked to the territorial characteristics, marked by the seasonality of the products.

The kitchen is masterfully managed by Luigi Barbiero, master chef, who expresses in his culinary creations all his knowledge and love for his work capable of offering a much wider international overview of first and second courses based on meat and fish.

Le Calandrine Restaurant is also the ideal place to savor an excellent glass of wine – red or white – recommended by Iliana, the expert winemaker who knows how to create the perfect combination with individual dishes for every occasion.

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