Longarone Fiere presents the 2021 Artisan Gelato Exhibition

The MIG restarts, in its 61st edition, and will be the first ice cream fair in attendance after the Covid period and the first ever without plastic. But not only Plastic free, the methods of visiting, the organization of the exhibition spaces and the contents have changed to present ice cream in a rapidly evolving world.

Three will be the cornerstones of the relaunch of the historic fair, to demonstrate how the tools proposed meet the needs of the market and to bring together supply and demand in an innovative and business-friendly context.


The first novelty of all will be the distinction of the exhibition spaces between the sector of professionals and the sector open to the public. The goal is to protect people’s health from possible new infections caused by gatherings; then to allow companies exhibiting at the fair to work in a less chaotic environment and to make the most of the time available to peacefully conclude more contracts.

And to guarantee the public the traditional tasting experience in a new space open to families, schools and local visitors.


MIG 2021 will be an event that will change the concept of sustainability in the ice cream parlor. The fair will be a real showcase of the future in ice cream parlors: no single-use plastic, use of only natural materials in the stands, traceability of ingredients and certified products, presentation of modern machinery, which drastically reduce energy and water consumption as well as C02 emissions. An unprecedented program of targeted consultancy by technicians and experts from Germany and Italy is added to the exhibition part, to inform ice cream makers about state subsidies for investments in ice cream parlors.


Among the exhibitors we have new entries with companies, which are already active in the international markets, but had not seen each other at the fairs to date. Innovation in materials, sustainability, but above all a new look for the ice cream of the future are the proposals of these new generation entrepreneurs.

Even among professionals and customers, MIG has activated other channels, involving new targets of operators and ice cream makers, who will be present at the fair.

Gian Angelo Bellati, president of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, underlines how “MIG is restarting because the whole artisan ice cream sector needs a strong message of rebirth and optimism after the drama we have experienced. And although the health emergency has not completely ended with undoubted organizational difficulties for everyone, our motto is: together to restart with new projects and new investments! “.

And Dario Olivier, coordinator of this edition of the MIG and president of Uniteis e.V. – the association of Italian ice cream makers in Germany, adds that “MIG is the good ice cream parlor, where ice cream makers and companies in the sector have always met. In this completely new edition, the goal is to provide concrete services to the sector and help to conclude the necessary collaborations to ensure continuity in the world of cold sweets “.

Finally, we remind you that for all our ice cream makers there will be competitions and competitions at the fair, a competitive moment, but also of great exchange between participants from all over Europe.

Historical contest “COPPA D’ORO”, in its 51st edition with “LEMON” TASTE water based
Gelato a Due, a competition in which the participants are a duo made up of an ice cream maker and a chef
“Mastri Gelatieri” Award at its 25th edition
“Gelaterie in Web” Award at its 19th Edition
To which the new “Green” Award is added in the program and in harmony with current themes.


But not just ice cream, a large space at the fair this year for chocolate, the protagonist in winter ice cream parlors. All made to measure for ice cream makers: supply, composition and artisanal production of chocolate for an income with a high profit margin in the winter months.

NEW: VIP- Program

For the first time, a special agreement with hotels in Venice will allow visitors and exhibitors to stay at favorable prices in this unique city in the world and from there, thanks to a shuttle service, reach the fair.

Further information on the fair and how to participate on:




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