Longarone. The 61st edition of the International Gelato Exhibition has been presented

The International Gelato Exhibition – MIG of Longarone is finally unveiled with a press conference, strictly via zoom and live streaming. The doors will open on Sunday 28 November but already during the presentation there is an air of confidence. The first to speak is the president Gian Angelo Bellati: «I thank the large presence. It was an important gestation for the fair with all the difficulties related to the covid but some security came from the success of Arredamont. As a Board of Directors before and as an Assembly afterwards, thanks to the green pass, we were able to give a sign of vitality to companies since many of them are also capable of leading the ice cream supply chain and we certainly couldn’t hold back. Making predictions is premature now but we are proud of the fact that it will be the first show dedicated to artisanal ice cream. I do not overlook the fact that an entire area has been equipped to comply with the covid rules. We focus a lot on safety considering that we could have operators from abroad and then there will be consultancy for the Italian and German market for the Green revolution. The important aspect is that MIG must also open up to other sectors related to ice cream, such as pastry and chocolate after the coffee experiment. The support of Roberto Padrin and the members of the fair and the associations that are engaging in such a difficult time and Dario Olivier, a real locomotive for the effort he put into making the Mig reach its 61st edition, is important “.

The President of the province of Belluno and mayor Longarone replies to Bellati: «Let’s return with the fair in attendance. I am moved and will be even more so on Sunday. It is an important opportunity for meeting and confronting many realities, giving a sign of life in such a difficult period. I thank institutions such as President Zaia, who will also be present with a booth from the Veneto Region and an important announcement, and Minister D’Incà. A sign that the administrations are also on the “piece” and demonstrating that there is this desire on the part of everyone to restart both from an economic and a life point of view. Longarone must remain the capital of international ice cream. They will be important days and days of restart ».

At the head of the whole organization Dario Olivier. «We are there now. We are finalizing the final details. It is a particular edition; first fair that we all wanted together and with conscience. My thanks to the structure loaded with an amount of extraordinary work that has managed in less than two months to carry out a commitment that requires more time. It will be a green, plastic free edition; we will not admit anything that is disposable plastic at the fair because we have set ourselves the goal of protecting the environment. The same attention is paid to machinery that allows low CO2 emissions. Unfortunately, the German situation does not allow the presence of their technicians but thanks to the online we will always be able to provide support in real time. And I close by recalling the Lemon-flavored Gold Cup that will see the best ice cream makers in Europe compete. A highly coveted award for over 50 years ».

The presence of National Food Confartigianato was important, present yesterday with the delegate for ice cream makers Giorgio Venudo and the confectionery councilor Cristiano Gaggion. Venudo underlines that «for the first time we are present at the most important fair in terms of food and wine trends and technologies. It is important that he is present to improve our work through exchange, training and to work together in an increasingly green world.We are therefore proud to be present and also with two events curated directly by us held by the great ice cream masters who belong to the our category “. Gaggion echoes him: «I join in the thanks for the team work done by everyone. Chocolate competition as a starting point to make it clear that this type of product can also be combined with ice cream to extend the season. And we thought of a contest. It’s a first start and the idea is to develop it and make it grow over the years “.

Then the word passes to Martino Luzzi, president of the artisan ice cream study center: “Longarone is a favor of ideas and in our historic meeting area we will insert workshops and debates and we will open a” Treviso “space to combine the excellence of prosecco with that of artisan ice cream . An important frontier that will also be associated with radicchio and will compare ice cream makers to understand how their passion is born because being able to make a good ice cream is not everyone’s business. And all with three daily meetings. We also invited the Jalisses as godfathers of the fair, linked to the work of two artists who created an airbrush technique for ice cream and from a collaboration with the two musicians ».

Could not miss the presence of Michel Nenz the Coldiretti. “Like Coldiretti, we are present at the fair especially for Made in Italy and the agricultural world could not be missing as a distinctive brand even abroad. Our farms are gearing up (and I’m talking about dairies and fruit producers) that are implementing the artisanal ice cream supply chain that you will find in our stand ». To close Italo D’Incà for Confagricoltura “This fair has experienced thoughtful moments but I feel great confidence around it. I am happy that it is made and it is the first to leave again. An enormous effort was made to make it a spearhead ».

The MIG therefore opens for sector operators next Sunday, with the inauguration at 11 am, to continue every day until Wednesday 1 December, with the usual 10-18.30 hours.

Longarone, November 25, 2021.

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