Manzoni bianco – Manzoni crossing 6.0.13

Manzoni bianco – Manzoni crossing 6.0.13

Cross obtained by prof. Luigi Manzoni at the Conegliano wine school in the 1930s-35s. The cross is between Riesling Renano and Pinot Bianco. The number indicates the strain selected from which the multiplication was then made. It is currently referred to as Manzoni bianco and is produced as a blend in the DOCG Colli di Conegliano.

The number 6.0.13, which characterizes and differentiates the cross between many others always created by Prof. Manzoni; refers to the exact position in the vineyard where the best blend was made: the 13th plant of the 6th row.

It has small, short and squat clusters. The berries, medium-small, spheroid, have a consistent skin, greenish yellow in color and very waxy skin.

Geographical distribution: A vine whose diffusion mainly concerns the Treviso area but which also includes other areas of Italy such as Friuli, Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, Tuscany and Sicily.

Characteristics of the wine: It is considered a high quality product with high sugar gradations associated with good acidity. Pale straw yellow in color, with greenish reflections, delicately scented and slightly aromatic, with a full and savory taste. Sometimes it is also used for particular blends.

Berry color: white

Bunch description: the bunch is small, short, squat, winged, slightly loose. Berry medium, small, yellow tending to green, rich in bloom, with persistent navel.

Training and pruning: there are different forms of farming used from the simple pergola to the guyot and the spurred cordon.

Ripening date: medium (second decade of September)

Recommended pairings: Excellent as an aperitif, in combination with light dishes based on soft cheeses, cold cuts, but above all ideal with fish risotto, vegetable dishes and white meats, dishes based on boiled and grilled fish. Also excellent as an end of the evening

Serving temperature: 8-10 ° C

Recommended glass: medium-sized glass.

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