Museum of Man in Susegana

The Museum of Man of Susegana is the result of a long and patient research and collection of finds conducted by its founder, Dr. Alberto Cosulich (belonging to an ancient and well-known family of navigators and shipowners of Veneto-Istrian origin ) in order to testify and safeguard part of the history of our Venetian civilization through the signs of the past. The exhibition, which boasts more than 7,000 objects and covers a period of time ranging from the Neolithic age to the 19th century, has been divided into two main sections, conceptually and physically separate.The first, dedicated to Peasant AND RURAL LIFE, was opened in 1972 in a traditional farmhouse located in a pleasant hillside location. Here you can revisit essential spaces such as the kitchen, the bedroom, the bucket and gradually the various sections dedicated to agricultural work: From plowing to harvesting, from processing the products to their use. The second section was instead placed in 1991 in a new three-storey building adjacent to the first nucleus of the Museum. and is dedicated to CRAFTSMANSHIP such as the barber, the sacristan, the shoemaker, the chimney sweep, the grinder and many others. Its theme is the construction of work tools in use in the past and the games of the past.

Times and costs

From Monday to Saturday by reservation only: 9.00-12.00 and 15.00-18.00;

Sunday afternoon always open: 14.30-17.30.

Full ticket: € 4 per person.

Reduced ticket: € 2.50 Children 3 -14 years, Clients of the restaurant “La casa del Mazariol”, Students, Over 70s, Disabled carers.

Free: 100% handicapped, children 0-3 years old.

For information contact 0438738610 or 3319358161; Email:

Via Barriera 35, 31058 Susegana (TV)

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