Olympic games: eleven Venetians in the athletics team

Two men and nine women from our region among the 76 called up for the Olympic Games. Also selected 13 athletes not resident in the region but registered with Veneto clubs

The technical director of the national teams Antonio La Torre announced the blue summons for the Tokyo Olympic Games (athletics program: 30 July-8 August). The Italian team includes 76 athletes, 41 men and 35 women, the highest number ever at the Olympics for Italian athletics. Among the most popular names, for men, many Italian record holders: the European indoor silver Gianmarco Tamberi (registered for the Treviso company Atl-Etica San Vendemiano) in the high jump, the European indoor champion and record holder of the 100 Marcell Jacobs ( Fiamme Oro Padova) with the world finalist Filippo Tortu, Davide Re (400 and relay), Yeman Crippa (Fiamme Oro Padova) out of 5000 and 10,000, the new record holder and bronze at the Euroindoor Paolo Dal Molin in 110hs, Leonardo Fabbri in weight, Massimo Stano (Fiamme Oro Padova) in the 20 km walk, the Vicenza-based Eyob Faniel (Fiamme Oro Padova) in the marathon. For women, the names of the Doha bronze medalist Eleonora Giorgi stand out in the 20 km walk with the world bronze medal in London 2017 Antonella Palmisano, the relay runners of the 4 × 100 winners at the World Relays (Siragusa, the Veronese Hooper, Bongiorni and Fontana), Luminosa Bogliolo (Fiamme Oro Padova) in the 100hs, Nadia Battocletti in the 5000, the auction record holder Roberta Bruni and the Vicenza-born Elena Vallortigara in the top.

THE VENETIANS – Eleven athletes from Veneto called up: two men, Matteo Galvan and Eyob Faniel from Vicenza, and nine women, Johanelis Herrera, Gloria Hooper, Anna Polinari and Elisa Molinarolo from Verona, Elena Bellò, Federica Del Buono and Elena Vallortigara from Vicenza, the Venetian Giovanna Epis and Rebecca Borga. Also selected 13 athletes not resident in Veneto, but registered for companies in the region. These are the Venetian squads or registered in Veneto. MEN. 100-4 × 100: Lamont Marcell Jacobs (Fiamme Oro Padova). 4 × 400 and 4 × 400 mixed: Matteo Galvan (Fiamme Gialle). 5000-10,000: Yemaneberhan Crippa (Fiamme Oro Padova). 3000 hedges: Ala Zoghlami (Fiamme Oro Padova). 110 hs: Paolo Dal Molin (Fiamme Oro Padova), Hassane Fofana (Fiamme Oro Padova). Alto: Gianmarco Tamberi (Atl-Etica San Vendemiano). March (20 km): Massimo Stano (Fiamme Oro Padova). Marathon: Eyob Ghebrehiwet Faniel (Fiamme Oro Padova), Yassine Rachik (Fiamme Oro Padova). WOMEN. 4 × 100: Johanelis Herrera Abreu (Air Force). 200-4 × 100: Gloria Hooper (Carabinieri), Dalia Kaddari (Fiamme Oro Padova). 4 × 400-4 × 400 mixed: Rebecca Borga (Yellow Flames), Ayomide Folorunso (Fiamme Oro Padova), Anna Polinari (Atl. Bs ’50 Metallurg. S. Marco). 800: Elena Bellò (Blue Flames). 1500: Federica Del Buono (Carabinieri). 100 hs: Luminosa Bogliolo (Fiamme Oro Padova), Elisa Maria Di Lazzaro (Fiamme Oro Padova). 400 hs: Linda Olivieri (Fiamme Oro Padova). Alto: Elena Vallortigara (Carabinieri). Auction: Elisa Molinarolo (Atl. Riviera del Brenta). Marathon: Giovanna Epis (Carabinieri).

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