“Osteria without Innkeeper” in Valdobbiadene

Osteria without Innkeeper in Valdobbiadene

The inn without the host in Santo Stefano di Valdobbiandene, home of Cartizze and Prosecco, is located in a hilly hermitage from which you can admire vineyards and gentle valleys with restful greenery. This tavern has been fully equipped for appetizing snacks to be consumed alone or better with relatives, guests and friends or in a group.
But here’s the peculiarity: the host is not there, we serve ourselves freely and the offer for what we have tasted is left to the honesty of the patrons, especially tourists, who can deposit the money. The foods (of excellent quality) are well preserved in containers on which the various prices are legible. In the end, sated and satisfied, they sum up and leave the money in the drawer.


The inn without a host exists.
It is not an urban legend as some believe.

The inn without a host is a “magical” place nestled in the beautiful hills of the municipality of Valdobbiadene (TV); a place to “live” with intensity, where you can admire an enchanting landscape in all seasons and at all times and where you can eat simple but high quality food.

Interior of the inn without a host.

The host, as the name of the place suggests, is not there; each person who arrives in this tavern serves themselves by choosing the one they prefer from shelves, shelves and refrigerators.

You then pay at the end, following a price list and putting the money in a container / musigna that acts as a cash box.

Interior of the inn without a host.

It is not easy to get here as there are no indications of any kind, the owner would like this place to remain “exclusive” and to be known only through “word of mouth” among friendly people who know the sense of honesty and respect well.

I was there for the first time last summer and since then this place has become a “refuge” where you can breathe the silence, the scent of nature, the sense of beauty and harmony of our land.

The interior of the old rural house is welcoming (often in winter there is also a lit fireplace) and the small panoramic terrace looks like a stepping stone to infinity.

Here, even if you are not alone, the “climate” is always magically unusual, the non-presence of the host makes everyone feel “guardians” of a place that is as precious as it is delicate. The boundaries between the tables disappear, the exchange of opinions and emotions is surprisingly facilitated and friendships are born spontaneously. We all feel freer and more serene in a place where the owner (who sometimes goes around in civilian clothes among people) has decided to trust, which is rare nowadays, the human race. Maybe even Mr. Cesare (this is the owner’s name) thinks a bit like Ghandi who stated:

“We must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like the ocean. If a few drops of the ocean are dirty, that doesn’t make the ocean dirty. “

… Or maybe he just found an original way to earn without investing too much and testing people’s honesty through a sense of responsibility, exclusivity and secrecy.

I leave the relevant considerations to each of you and I wish you to “discover” this tavern sooner or later.

Have a good trip through our beautiful hills and have a good “treasure hunt”.

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