Piave cycle path, along the river a very long cycle path takes shape

24 MAY 2018
Piave cycle path, along the river a very long cycle path takes shape
Along the river a very long cycle path takes shape


It is the Piave, a river sacred to the homeland and a watercourse that made Venice great between 400 and 500, the protagonist of a cycle path that winds for 220 kilometers, starting from the springs in the Belluno area and reaching the Adriatic Sea, near Jesolo , after having crossed the catchment area of ​​the river in the Treviso area. It is a project born from the desire to make the tourist interact with the peculiar aspects of the territory.


The path of the Piave river represents a journey through history, but also the geographical place where the lands of the North meet those of the South, marking the transition from the Arctic to the Mediterranean microclimate. Its course saw Venetian navigators dialogue with the proud settled peoples who settled along the river, triggering cultural dynamics of considerable interest and developing real economies that over the centuries have united Alpine and lagoon biodiversity. Today the Piave represents a dynamic thread that also links two sites of the Unesco Whl: the Dolomites and Venice and its Lagoon. Morphologically distant environments, but strongly linked from the point of view of geo-morphological genesis. In fact, the Dolomites derive from the interaction between the sea and the land exactly like the lagoon, born from sediments from the Alpine basin, shaped over time by sea currents.


The project provides that the itinerary can be traveled up or down the Piave, on foot or by bicycle. The idea is that it can also be conceived as an inner journey. If that of Santiago de Compostela in fact resumes the path of medieval pilgrims, the path along the Piave retraces the banks of the Sacro alla Patria river, where armies of different nationalities have fought and changed the course of history.


The itinerary can be tackled by following various themes: museums, the Piave and the Great War, castles, towers and abbeys, frescoed churches, the great masterpieces of the Piave, historic factories, villas, landscapes of the Piave. During the journey the tourist can choose whether to include them all or part of them, in an intertwining that, if it wants to be exhaustive, can extend the holiday for more than two weeks. Thus, the Piave cycle path, in addition to being a real route, represents a fil rouge that unites different areas that often intersect, passing from the historical to the artistic, from the anthropological to the emotional, from the landscape to the pedaling which symbolically is also a journey through Italian history.

article dated 23.5.2018 taken from www.gazzettino.it

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