Polesine, land of agri-food excellence with a European seal

APRIL 9, 2021
Polesine, land of agri-food excellence with a European seal
Double stop in the province of Rovigo of the lucky virtual “journey” of Veneto Agriculture among the regional agri-food excellences. In the spotlight the delicious Cozza di Scardovari and the two thousand-year-old Aglio Bianco Polesano, two DOPs of the extraordinary European basket.

Italy, together with France, is the country of the European Union to register the largest number of products recognized by the DOP / IGP / TSG marks, or the quality agri-food denominations. In turn, Veneto, with Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany, dominates this prestigious ranking at the national level. For our region an important contribution comes from the province of Rovigo, present in this tasty basket with five products: Rice Delta del Po PGI, Salad di Lusia PGI, Radicchio di Chioggia PGI (interprovincial production), Cozza di Scardovari DOP and the White Garlic of Polesano DOP.

It is on these last two products that this week’s insights of VenetoAgricolturaChannel, the successful serial series distributed via Social by the regional agency, focus on.

Cozza di Scardovari PDO, whose production is concentrated in a limited period of the year (from the end of April to the beginning of June), is produced exclusively in the Municipality of Porto Tolle (Ro), precisely in the area around the Sacca di Scardovari, where many family businesses operate. In the focus of Veneto Agriculture (available on the YouTube channel: https://cutt.ly/LcVMvV7) the president of the Consorzio di Tutela, Paolo Mancin, recalls that the first cooperative for the processing of mussels was born here even in 1936. “From then – underlines Mancin – a long way has been made: recognition of the Protected Designation of Origin by the European Union in 2013; marketing of the product throughout Italy and also abroad; recognition of the very high quality of this sweet and tender mussel by the greatest international chefs “. In other words, a delicacy of our Venetian table that has been able to establish itself well beyond regional borders and overcome, not a small thing, this difficult moment due to the prolonged closure of restaurants due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The other finished product this week in the spotlight of VenetoAgricolturaChannel is the White Garlic of Polesano PDO (https://cutt.ly/3cV3muT), grown in this area since Roman times. “A product – says Massimo Tovo, president of the Protection Consortium – that has established itself thanks to the ability of local producers to hand down the ecotype of the precious seed from generation to generation, capable of giving life to a completely different type of garlic. special, with an intense and constant aroma that tastes fresh and which is preserved for a long time in a natural way “. A product that today is grown on 150 hectares of land distributed in 29 municipalities in the province of Rovigo.

The episodes made so far of the “journey” in 39 stages of Veneto Agriculture among the Veneto agri-food denominations are available on the YouTube channel of the regional agency.


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