Ponte winegrowers

Ponte winegrowers

Ponte winegrowers
Ponte is one of the most important winery in Italy, spread between the provinces of Treviso and Venice, privileged areas of production of Prosecco Doc and Pinot Grigio Doc delle Venezie.

Ponte was born in 1948 from the tenacious will and ambition of a small group of winemakers who joined forces to face the difficult post-war years and reconstruction. Currently the winery has 1,000 families of winemakers for 3,000 hectares of land distributed throughout the Veneto.

Continuous control over the entire supply chain allows for clear traceability of the product and the guarantee of a constant quality standard. The passion of the Ponte winemakers enhances the purity of the fruits of nature with love and respect, creating a quality wine that inextricably binds man and his land. Ponte’s goal is uncompromising quality, understood in a broad sense at all levels of production, from the vineyard to the bottle. Quality for Ponte is a path that arises from the careful and scrupulous selection of the grapes, then continuing through cutting-edge winemaking technologies, thanks to the latest generation machinery.

Expert agronomists, oenologists and oenologists carefully follow all stages of the supply chain, supported by an efficient internal laboratory that allows you to monitor the wine at every stage of its processing. The final product is an expression of all Ponte’s commitment and passion.


Via Verdi 50 – Ponte di Piave (TV)

tel. +39 0422 858211 / info@ponte1948.it


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