Refrontolo Passito Marzemino

Refrontolo Passito Marzemino

It is a rare wine, a synthesis of creativity and tradition, science and imagination. It combines the ingenuity of the winemaker and the technique of the winemaker, capable of sublimating the fruit of the vine to offer it to the enthusiast who knows how to grasp its value. Over the course of time, he has preserved the memory of our ancestors, to whom, on winter evenings, he remembered the warmth of the past summer. It has always been the result of dedication, method and even passion.

It was born on the hills of Refrontolo, where the old biotype of Marzemino di Refrontolo is cultivated in purity, since it is the only one that produces the grapes suitable for obtaining Refrontolo Passito. With pruning, the harmony of the vine is established, so that the quantity and quality of the harvest are optimal.

During the summer, the grapes are followed with particular commitment: ordinary cultivation treatments, for Marzemino di Refrontolo, would not be enough. In September, the most beautiful bunches are placed in suitable rooms, where a slow drying process takes place, during which complex biochemical phenomena involve all the components of the grape: it is an authentic metamorphosis that characterizes the product and of which will have immediate perception. The vinification takes place in December, a period in which fermentation lasts for several weeks, since the yeasts are able to ensure its development in an environment close to the limit beyond which it would no longer be possible. Another three months and it will be possible to taste the Refrontolo Passito, now almost completed: a period of refinement in the bottle further enhances its typicality.

In the Refrontolo Passito we recognize the sign of those who know how to love that infinite and changing combination of earth, sky and men, capable of creating an unrepeatable wine.

Organoleptic characteristics

Refrontolo Passito is a dessert wine, from grapes partially dried on the racks, of a beautiful deep ruby ​​red color, with a characteristic and marked scent of blackberries. It is sweet and moderately sweet, rich in aroma and flavors, with a well-centered alcohol content and a very pleasant level of acidity. It can be considered mature in 10-12 months of life.

It should be accompanied on sweets with a not very high sugar content and served at a temperature of 14-15 °.

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