Refrontolo – Walk to the Tempietto Spada

20 JULY 2016
Refrontolo – Walk to the Tempietto Spada
The town of Refrontolo is located in a hilly viewpoint facing the Quartier del Piave and Montello, in a central position with respect to the Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene hills. The area is famous for the production of Refrontolo Passito and for one of the main destinations of Treviso tourism, the famous Molinetto della Croda.

Refrontolo is full of extraordinary places suitable for interesting excursions: for a walk you are spoiled for choice.

Among the various possible proposals, we recommend the ascent to a particularly suggestive place dear to the community of Refrontolo: the Tempietto Spada. It is a circular building in neoclassical style originally from the early nineteenth century which was destroyed during the Great War and recovered in recent years. The panorama that can be admired at 360 degrees in every season of the year reconciles with nature and opens up to personal re-enactments on the sites of the First World War. The whole area is in fact an essential point for a visit to the places of the Great War. Refrontolo, with its Spada temple and its Villa, represents one of the symbols of that tragic historical moment: the villa in 1917 was the seat of the occupying army command and the epicenter of those tragic war events.

Walk to the Tempietto Spada

Through a suggestive path you can reach the Tempietto Spada located in an extraordinary panoramic position and a 360 ° observation point on the Quartier del Piave.

Starting from the square of Refrontolo, where you can leave your car, you can walk along the pedestrian path that runs alongside it and follow the signs for the “Tempietto Spada”; past the equipped area of ​​the playground, you reach the small hill of the temple from which you can admire the setting of the Treviso Pre-Alps; continue along the small road that descends again towards the town center, passing through the parish church of Santa Margherita which houses some suggestive altarpieces including one from the School of Paris Bordon. From the church square, the gaze can widen on the panorama up to Montello and Monte Grappa. Continuing in the direction of the square, you go along the ancient barchessa Spada.

Difficulty: low, some uphill sections
Journey time: about 1 hour
Clothing: comfortable, sports shoes recommended
Period: all year round

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