Salce Collection State Museum in Treviso

Salce Collection State Museum in Treviso, the city where the collector Nando Salce was born and lived. The Salce Collection is the most important of its kind in Italy, and in Europe it shares the primacy with the Parisian Musée de la Publicité. Treviso dedicates two spaces to him: the church of Santa Margherita and the building communicating with the church of San Gaetano, in via Carlo Alberto. In the first of the two, the church of Santa Margherita, the 24,580 posters collected by Nando Salce, starting from 1895, and by his wife Regina Gregory in a long life of passionate research and cataloging, have been housed in large technological drawers. Here, the scientific laboratories are also open in which they are kept and maintained: they are still made of paper, and therefore very delicate.

The museum entrance overlooks the churchyard of the church of San Gaetano / San Giovanni del Tempio, not far from the convent of Santa Caterina, now a civic museum. The Museum is divided into four floors that house service spaces and exhibition surfaces specially designed for graphic materials. Small but carefully and specifically designed, this exhibition space will not have a permanent structure but will live on temporary exhibitions, such as to enhance the greatest number of pieces in the Collection in compliance with conservation needs: the fragility of paper materials, in fact, is not compatible with a exposure to light that lasts for more than four months.

The Museum does not limit itself to conserving and enhancing the Salce heritage, but also proposes to increase it, aggregating different collections, as a continuation of the original Collection, completed in 1962. It is the seed of the Italian National Museum of Advertising, a counterpart to the Parisian Musée de la Publicité (Museé des arts décoratives).

On the occasion of the entrance to the Museum, it is possible to visit the church of San Gaetano, a building of the Knights Templar rich in history and works of art. Important, among other things: the sixteenth-century funeral monument to Ludovico Marcello; the rich picture gallery; the paintings by Giovanni Battista Canal; the eighteenth-century organ by Gaetano Callido, one of the most precious instruments in the city. In the Church of San Gaetano, mobile billboards are set up for teaching and a video on the Salce collection is projected in loop.

The first room of the Salce Museum is dedicated to Erbert Carboni, the signature of Barilla’s historic advertisements. Following the room Marcello Dudovic, author of which the museum boasts 600 pieces and a representative name of the oldest signage. On the floor below, the Grignani room, the twin of Carboni. The museum will host, in rotation, the materials of the Salce Collection.

Hours: the museum is open from Thursday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm.

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