Solidarity in safety between the rows of Raboso Piave by Giorgio Cecchetto with the children with Down syndrome

OCTOBER 27, 2020
Solidarity in safety between the rows of Raboso Piave by Giorgio Cecchetto with the children with Down syndrome
On Saturday 24 October the usual appointment at Giorgio Cecchetto’s farm was renewed with the harvest of the Raboso Piave with the boys of the Italian Association of Down People (AIPD) – Marca Trevigiana Section.

The health emergency has not in fact stopped this tradition, on the contrary it has developed in the children a real sense of responsibility: temperature measurement, hand sanitation, social distancing, masks always worn and one of them who checked that all these measures were respected , ensured that this day went on in complete safety.

Since 2005, every year, these guys have been transformed into winemakers and oenologists, producing about 1000 bottles of Raboso del Piave, which they proudly present in spring at the stand of the Veneto Region at Vinitaly in Verona. The initiative is carried out as part of the Social Autonomy Project, which sees young people involved in all stages of wine production: from harvest to crushing, from processing to bottling, up to the creation of the labels, strictly hand-drawn.

The Raboso del Piave, in addition to representing the territory and its history, also knows how to be in solidarity by contributing to projects in support of the community, with the aim of strengthening the value that can arise from the sincere desire to do business in a shared and inclusive way.

Giorgio Cecchetto Farm

The Cecchetto winery, born from a long family tradition that combines it with the cultivation of vines and the production of wine, has its headquarters in Tezze di Piave, in the heart of the Doc Piave area, in the province of Treviso.

The story of Giorgio Cecchetto is firmly intertwined with that of his land and its most important grape, the Raboso del Piave, a vine difficult to tame but capable of striking with its rough, bold, sometimes grumpy character. Therefore the production and most of the company’s efforts are aimed at enhancing this wine, the favorite son. In this winery you can taste different tests, interpretations, versions, experiments, discuss woods, refinements, harvests, winemaking strategies, withering regarding this vine of the Treviso province traditionally prone to angularity and here interpreted according to a more modern style.

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