Tenute Tomasella Winery

APRIL 29, 2021
Tenute Tomasella: all the expressive nuances of two border territories, told in each glass
The Tenute Tomasella winery, recognized for its respect for traditions and the environment, is located in Mansué, in the province of Treviso, a stone’s throw from the village of Portobuffolé, in the lands of the noble Gaia da Camino. It extends between two neighboring territories, the DOC Friuli Grave and the DOC Piave over 50 hectares of vines, of which 10 in Friuli and 40 in Veneto, favorably enjoying the contamination of two areas that are integrated by geographical, cultural and traditional characteristics, in the continuous research of those details that make a wine excellent and recognizable.

It is a passion that has been handed down from generation to generation, a red thread that for over 50 years has linked those who have dedicated their skills, time and effort to it, animated by the conviction that to arouse emotions it is essential to listen patiently to what the earth wants to express and tell, or a story that links the past to the present and looks to the future with the goal of complete sustainability in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Absolute specialization and enhancement of the wine culture, attention to quality and the choice of avant-garde oenological principles, combined with love for the land, characterize every phase of production, which for Tenute Tomasella is the most sincere expression of a territory. The passion for the land and its fruits, listening to nature following its rhythms and needs, accompanies the creation of high quality wines, exquisitely genuine yet unconventional, capable of being true travel companions and bringing in table the narration of a suitable land, giving emotion to every sip in the sign of a great overall harmony.

Time and patience mark the stages of transformation of the bunch, harvested by hand with great delicacy and respect, because the wine is made first of all in the vineyard. From soft pressing, to thermo-controlled vinification, up to the long stay on fine yeasts. The wine thus obtained in the company’s thinking wants to be an important contribution to the pleasure of the consumer, because if quality is the starting point, passion helps to go further, always keeping pace with innovation, without ever forgetting from where you started.

All this has led Tenute Tomasella to seek sensory experiences capable of surprising, original interpretations of flavors that have deep roots in the territory of origin. The final result is described in these keywords: research, kindness, harmony, finesse and elegance.

The company has a vocation for both sparkling wines and still wines. Currently 12 references are produced in the Veneto area and 6 in the Friuli area. All references can also be purchased through the online shop.

The international awards already obtained in this first part of 2021 are noteworthy, confirming the high quality level of the production of Tenute Tomasella:

Mundus Vini Spring Tasting 2021: Gold Medal at Le Bastìe Rosso and Silver Medal at Prosecco Rosé 2019

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2021: Silver Medal at Pro ‘Rosato 2019

Falstaff Prosecco Trophy awarded the following scores:

Carmen 2019 – 91/100

Pro ‘Rosè 2019 – 91/100

Rigole Rosso 2018 – 91/100

Pinot Grigio 2019 – 90/100

Pinot Bianco 2019 – 91/100

Friulano 2019 – 90/100

Pro ‘Extra Dry – 90/100

In 2013 Tenute Tomasella joined the Tergeo Project of the Italian Wines Union, aimed at supporting sustainable practices in viticulture, and adheres to the lines of defense provided for by the integrated production regulations of the Veneto and Friuli regions. Furthermore, the company, which has always been attentive to environmental needs and the implementation of sustainable viticulture, holds the S.Q.N.P.I. (National Integrated Production Quality System), guaranteeing an already excellent product with extreme attention to respect for biodiversity, an added value for the territory to which it belongs.

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