The ABCD Dersut Academy on the Gazzettino

The Dersut Caffè Barista Academy was presented by Il Gazzettino in an interview with the CEO of Dersut Lara Caballini.

ABCD is the Dersut training school that since September 2020 has been dealing with transmitting professional skills on coffee.

Designed to combine passion and profession, the ABCD is aimed at training professionals able to face every phase of the supply chain and transmit all the knowledge on the key ingredient and on the entire field of the coffee shop, arriving to acquire an experience that guarantees a prestigious service!

ABCD, Accademia Baristi Caffè Dersut, was created with the aim of disseminating the excellence of Italian Espresso, ensuring
to fully train anyone who wants to approach the world of coffee, transmitting the passion and knowledge that have distinguished us for over 70 years. The courses, divided into two parts, one theoretical and one practical, have been developed so that the knowledge acquired can enhance your professionalism and characterize your place.

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