The first perfume’s museum is born in Venice

18 DECEMBER 2012
The first perfume museum is born in Venice
Perfume in its modern form was born in Venice: could there be no museum that would enhance this tradition? The initiative was launched by the Civic Museums Foundation and by Mavive, a Venetian perfume company of the Vidal family. The Museum, unique in Italy, will be located in Palazzo Nani Mocenigo and will be open from June 2013. The museum itinerary will offer the history of essences, ancient books and documents and educational “olfactory stations” that will involve visitors. The starting point of the exhibition, an ancient handbook of cosmetics and perfumes handed down from generation to generation in the Vidal family, “Most Noble Secrets of the Art of Perfumery”. There are over 300 cosmetic and perfume formulas contained in the book, which will give rise to a cultural, olfactory and sensorial journey, but also to the birth of a new fragrance that will be called “The Merchant of Venice”.

An ancient cosmetics manual will give the A to the first Perfumery Museum in Venice

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