The frescoes and paintings in Sarmede, the town of the fairytale

12 OCTOBER 2017
The frescoes and paintings in Sarmede, the town of the fairytale
Sarmede: walking among the frescoes and places dear to the artist Stepan Zavrel

The frescoes and paintings in the land of the fairy tale

A particular tradition founded by Štepán Zavrel continues to live in Sàrmede: that of wall paintings. Zavrel began making them in the late 1980s. The technique used was initially that of the fresco, but then the master ended up retouching his works with dry interventions.

From the very beginning, the Mostra Foundation has continued this tradition with the collaboration of the Municipality of Sarmede and private individuals. To date, there are about forty frescoes and paintings made by illustrators, artists and students of the Sarmede International School of Illustration.

Dozens of frescoes are present on the outside or inside of many houses in Sarmede and Montaner along a path through exchanges between East and West where Sarmede has become a crossroads of cultural exchanges between people from all over the world.

To discover the cultural heritage of the land of the fairy tale the Fondazione Mostra with its own expert proposes itineraries designed for adults, children and families.

The proposed guided tours lead you to discover the places where the Illustration Exhibition for Children was born, founded in 1983 by Stepan Zavrel, places from which this great artist drew inspiration for many of his works.

The guided tours are located between the Museum named after the famous illustrator, the Piazza di Sarmede, the Gosetto house and the birthplace of Stepan Zavrel.

Some of the artists who have embellished Sarmede: Štepán Zavrel, Vico Calabrò, Gabriele Cattarin, Giovanni Meroi, Donata dal Molin, Flavio Cortella, Jozef Wilkon and collaborators Archi paintings, Linda Wolfsgruber, Tamara Zambon, Antonia Baginski.

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