The Piave Park

8 APRIL 2015
The Piave Park
The naturalistic area of ​​Settolo Basso extends to Bigolino. A path of about 5 km that offers the opportunity to discover, in a flat area, a series of fresh waterways, springs, flora and fauna typical of wetlands. It is one of the areas of greatest naturalistic interest in the entire course of the Piave.

The large floodplain area on the left bank of the river is home to rii and mirrors of resurgence water, fed by the slopes of the nearby chain of the Treviso Pre-Alps and by the sub-bed slopes originating from the drainage waters of the Asolo Hills.

The park was rediscovered a few years ago to remember its importance already at the time of the Serenissima, when goods were transported on rafts.

The Piave Park is the destination of many tourists, who can admire here a colorful flora and a varied fauna of egrets, herons, seagulls and cormorants.

The “Low Settolo”, also known by the name of “Fontane Bianche”, unfolds in a context of lush vegetation where even the inexperienced eye feels the teeming with life that this place hosts. Water is the main element and you can observe fauna and flora species typical of wetlands. You can come across the little egret or the gray heron that came here to fish from the nearby Pederobba heronry where they nest.

Some time ago, ideal paths were prepared for walks immersed in nature.

Horseback excursions can be organized with licensed guides on uncontaminated paths and guided nature tours can also be carried out for school groups, groups or individuals.

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