The Prosecco’s Hills Trail has its own logo.

The Prosecco's Hills Trail has its own logo.

The Prosecco Hills Trail has its own logo.

The logo was presented today 30 July 2021 at Palazzo Sarcinelli in Conegliano. Here are the words of the president of the Veneto Region dr. LUCA ZAIA

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THE WAY OF THE HILLS OF PROSECCO NOW HAS ITS OWN LOGO! Architect Matteo Astolfi is the winner of the “Leopoldo Saccon” competition of ideas organized by the Association for the Heritage of the Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene to enhance the new Path along this unique territory in the world, also graphically with a logo. logo chosen combines all the elements necessary for an immediate understanding of the project: the hills, the wayfarer, the walk and the leaf. Simple, intuitive, it is easily declinable and memorable. The new route, starting from Vidor and arriving in Vittorio Veneto, develops on the ridge of the hills crossing Colbertaldo, the southern heights of Valdobbiadene, Col San Martino, the Vedette di Farra di Soligo, Premaor di Miane, the Tre Ponti di Follina, the area of ​​Cison with Zuel di Qua and di Là, Arfanta, Tarzo, Nogarolo, Serravalle. Moreover, the Veneto Region recently approved the construction of a new cycle and pedestrian walkway over the Campea stream, between the municipalities of Farra di Soligo and Follina, at a cost of 200 thousand euros, which will be located in a fundamental point to give continuity to the entire Way of the Hills. . The Way has not only a landscape value, but also a historical-cultural one: in addition to villages and nature, many sites bring back memories to the Great War, thanks to numerous trenches, tunnels and military posts visible on the hills. It is in fact the way through which to enter a world that has developed from the encounter of man’s work with the beauty of nature and is able to offer history, unique landscapes, artistic and environmental treasures, spiritual reflections and food and wine experiences. . A path that many will appreciate as the main road to grasp the best this land offers with the meter of the walker.


Today 30 July at Palazzo Sarcinelli in Conegliano, the award ceremony for the competition dedicated to Leopoldo Saccon took place, an architect who died last December at the age of 71 and recognized as the editor and “father” of the dossier of the candidacy of the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene as heritage of Unesco.

Many participants including mayors and institutional representatives who did not want to miss a historic moment for the territory and the hills that have now become one of the main symbols of Veneto.

The tender provided for the creation of the new logo for the Unesco Way: the winner was the Treviso architect Matteo Astolfi, who was inspired by the life of the late Leopoldo Saccon to create his work, putting together a significant and captivating logo using a few lines

“Runs through them and the vine leaf, a symbol of the work that characterizes these territories.

“I am honored to receive such a prestigious award – added the architect from Treviso – and I hope this is a 360-degree and inclusive Way”.

Luca Zaia wanted to remember Leopoldo Saccon in this way: “He was the parent of this Unesco project, always remaining a silent but convinced point of reference, even when no one believed in it or wanted to reject the dossier. I still remember his smile in Baku on July 7, 2019 “.

As confirmed by the president of the Unesco Heritage association Marina Montedoro and the site manager Giuliano V Advantages, “the choice of the logo for the Unesco Way is only the first step in a program of further steps”, which includes the Unesco Way itself: this the last is a 52-kilometer route, which starts from Vidor and arrives in Vittorio Veneto, which can be covered in four days and consists of two different routes depending on the level of difficulty chosen, which then join in the Vittorio Veneto square.

“The journey is the metaphor of our life”, said Carraro

“I believe that this long and demanding journey – he added – which will allow us to enjoy our territory, well represents the long and demanding journey started by Leopoldo”.

The winning logo and the others who participated in the competition will remain on display at Palazzo Sarcinelli until next 12 September.

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