The section of the Pedemontana Bassano Ovest-Montebelluna has been inaugurated

The section of the Pedemontana Bassano Ovest-Montebelluna has been inaugurated

A historic day today with the inauguration of the 35-kilometer stretch of the Pedemontana Bassano Ovest – Montebelluna.

The governor of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia was happy to finally see this section of the motorway open which, once completed, will cover a 94.5 km route and will give Veneto a unique infrastructure capable of connecting the various production areas of the Region, significantly cutting the travel times.

Among the numerous authorities were the deputy minister of infrastructure Alessandro Morelli, the minister Erika Stefani, the prefect of Treviso Maria Rosaria Laganà, many mayors of the territory including, in addition to the mayor of Bassano Elena Pavan, Elzo Severin di Montebelluna, Ruggero Feltrin for Trevignano, Paolo Guizzo from Volpago del Montello and Maurizio Cavallin for Giavera del Montello.


Zaia bluntly defined the motorway “An artwork” and retraced the difficult obstacle course that led to today’s inauguration. “I thank all those who have committed themselves, each in the area of ​​their competence, for this moment to be possible – added the governor – The mayors and all those who believed in it and truly wanted it with tenacity. Today’s result was not taken for granted, it was the fruit of a collaboration, a collective effort and a synergy that has never failed. ” Zaia thanked Elisabetta Pellegrino, director of the Pedemontana project structure and the chairman of the dealership, Matterino Dogliani, nicely asking: “A discount for that half kilometer over 94, when the work is finished”, receiving a talkative smile from Dogliani. He also remembered the workers, present with their orange uniforms and in particular one of them who lost his life during the works. “A highway that is innovative, sustainable and that will be a highway that I invite the Venetians to travel and use.” A sustainable and environmentally friendly highway: “The highway of bees” defined it by Zaia, recalling the commitment of the beekeepers in the area to position the hives in the meadows along the route. A “Made in Veneto” model that will soon be emulated both for its aesthetic beauty and for its total respect for the environment. The governor urged the Venetians to use it and appreciate its great value. The tolls will remain with the Region, which will pay a fee to the construction company.

Bassano del Grappa therefore becomes reachable in a few minutes. A city that with its renovated and refurbished bridge plays the role of a bridge between the provinces of Treviso and Vicenza. “I see the guys from Treviso running to go to Bassano for a spritz in one of the wonderful squares of the city and the guys from Vicenza do the same towards Treviso” – was one of the comments. The regional council was fully present and Zaia invited them all to the stage for the souvenir photo of a day that will undoubtedly become part of the history of Veneto. The governor, after the photo together, thanked them for their commitment and their work “behind the scenes”.

The commitment of the Region was to build a different, innovative, sustainable project that could not only become a model to follow but that would integrate into the territory without upsetting it. The Pedemontana today showed its “best face” becoming part of the territory. A work that once completed in its 94.5 kilometers will give new impetus to the economy and tourism of a Veneto that today more than ever wants to restart after the closures and restrictions due to the pandemic. Moving quickly and safely in a productive and hard-working Veneto, this is basically the purpose of this Pedemontana which with the opening of today’s 35 kilometers becomes an important segment between the two provinces of Treviso and Vicenza, bringing them physically, socially and culturally closer. (photo and text Pio Dal Cin)

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