The spectacle of the Tibetan bridges in Veneto

12 MAY 2021
The spectacle of the Tibetan bridges in Veneto
Three intertwined ropes: two parallel to which you cling with your hands and a lower one where you walk, suspended in the void. These were originally the Tibetan bridges and were built for the first time in Tibet, in the very high mountains of the Himalayas. Over the centuries, the ropes have become iron and then steel, and much more stable footbridges have also been added where you can rest your feet. In Veneto there are 6 spectacular bridges suspended in the void that give adrenaline-pumping emotions in complete safety. The only recommendations are to wear trekking shoes and walk in single file with nearby children, it is also forbidden to run or jump and cross them by bicycle.

Avis Bridge in Valli del Pasubio (Vicenza)

Everyone defines it as a Tibetan bridge but in reality it is a rope bridge and was built in 2016 to bypass a landslide that had interrupted the Strada del Re. The walkway is dedicated to the Avis Section of Schio and has now become one of the largest attractions of the Small Dolomites of Vicenza. Made entirely of steel, the Avis Bridge is 105 meters long and is suspended in the void at a height of about thirty meters with windproof ropes that limit its oscillations. From up there you can enjoy a wonderful view over the Val Leogra and the Sengio Alto mountains. An experience for young and old but not recommended for those suffering from vertigo.

Footbridge of Igne di Longarone (Belluno)

Another beautiful wooden walkway is the one located in Igne, a hamlet of Longarone. This structure was built in 1973 in memory of local cableway operators, also famous abroad for their ability to transport timber from the most inaccessible places downstream. You walk for about a hundred meters suspended at a height of 125: the Maè stream flows below us while a spectacular view of the valley opens up around it. The footbridge can be reached from the provincial road 251 which from Longarone leads to Igne.

Tibetan bridge of Val Montina, Perarolo di Cadore (Belluno)

Val Montina is a wild, uncontaminated and difficult to access environment, so much so that in 1994 it was declared a “Wilderness Area”, first of all those in the European Alps. This area is located in the municipality of Perarolo di Cadore (Belluno) and some years ago some works were carried out for its use, including the construction of a spectacular footbridge that connects the two banks of the Val Montina stream. The suspension bridge can be reached from the nearby industrial area of ​​Ansogne and has side protections that allow children to travel too.

Crero suspension bridge in Torri del Benaco (Verona)

Just over 30 meters long and with a maximum height of 45: the numbers of this suspension bridge are not a Guinness Book of Records but we guarantee that it offers a great view of Lake Garda! The bridge is located in the municipality of Torri del Benaco and was built to join two hiking trails between the towns of Crero and Pai di Sopra. The itinerary we suggest starts right from Crero, where you park your car, and after a pleasant walk of about half an hour in the middle of nature you reach the bridge and from there continue to the hamlet of Pai di Sopra (others About 30 minutes).

Footbridge in the Vajo dell’Orsa, Brentino Belluno (Verona)

Inaugurated in 2020, the walkway is 34 meters long and is suspended at about 24 meters above the Vajo dell’Orsa stream, an area well known to canyoning enthusiasts. The bridge can be reached in just over an hour’s walk starting from Brentino Belluno, along the Pellegrino path until you intersect path 75 which connects the traditional access to the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona from Brentino with Malga Orsa. Appropriate clothing and hiking shoes are recommended.

Bridge of the Val Sorda (Lessinia, Verona)

The Lessinia Regional Park amazes for its many natural wonders but for about ten years this bridge has also been added which has tried to respect the spirit of the place as much as possible because it has been inserted in an almost “transparent” way in the environmental context . The walkway is more than 52 meters long and connects two steep slopes of the Valsorda with an exciting view at an altitude of about 40 meters. The itinerary we suggest is a ring route and starts from Malga Biancari (in the municipality of Marano di Valpolicella) and reaches the Mulino del Cao locality. A path of just under 6 kilometers to be covered in about two to three hours of walking.


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