The Via dei Mulini in Cison di Valmarino

22 APRIL 2016
The Via dei Mulini in Cison di Valmarino
The Via dei Mulini is an enchanting historical-naturalistic path that rises from the historic center of Cison di Valmarino and, along the Rujo stream, winds through the woods to reach the San Daniele Valley, revealing the presence of ancient mills and other hydraulic works, interesting evidence of industrial archeology.

The route starts from the square of Cison. At the first beautiful ‘Ponte dei Sassi’ you cross the stream and follow the obvious signs and descriptive tables. The walk has some branches and it is possible to reach the ‘Bosco delle Penne Mozze’, the memorial of the Alpine troops surrounded by nature created to “remember with a plant and a stele all the fallen Alpine born in the province of Treviso”.

It is a route capable, at every corner, of surprising even the most demanding of visitors: it embodies the value of history, the beauty of nature and the charm of magic.

The route reconstructs what was, until the beginning of the last century, the artisan reality of Cison, closely linked with the Rujo stream and with the exploitation of its waters: it will thus be possible to see old reconstructed wash houses, fountains, channels with several locks, ancient mills and the remains of old fools.

Although fascinated by these testimonies of recent history, the hiker cannot help but be captivated by the enchantment of nature, by the incessant sound of flowing water, by the scents of the undergrowth, by the waterfalls that unexpectedly appear along the folds of the route.

The path is in fact located between woods and meadows that allow once again to appreciate a cross-section of authentic nature.

Along the route “La Via dei Mulini” every year on April 25 there is the event “The Enchanted Wood on the Waterways”, an open-air party dedicated to creativity with various proposals for music, theater, poetry and various arts.

Cison di Valmarino – The Via dei Mulini / Via dell’Acqua
Cison di Valmarino can be easily reached by exiting the A27 motorway at Vittorio Veneto north and following the signs for Follina and Cison di Valmarino.

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