Top Secret Investigazioni e Sicurezza s.r.l, a support for event organizers

6 JULY 2020
Top Secret Investigazioni e Sicurezza s.r.l, a support for event organizers
Top Secret Investigazioni e Sicurezza s.r.l.

Top Secret Investigazioni e Sicurezza s.r.l., with its decades of experience, assists and supports the organizers in the peaceful and protected unfolding of events.
The agency was founded in 1991 with headquarters in Ferrara as an investigation agency from an idea of ​​the founder and current president Matteo Mazzoni.

Since 1997 he has become an Italian protagonist in the Security and Safety sector, curating events such as Pitti Immagine in Florence and the Sanremo Italian Song Festival.

Top Secret Investigations and Security is present on the Italian territory with offices in Milan, Rome, Venice, Verona, Bologna and Florence. The Security Institute is authorized by law for control services of entertainment and public show activities in places open to the public or in public establishments.
The agency employs professionals capable of managing local, national and international events in total safety and seriousness, protecting guests, customers, journalists and personalities.

The staff, regularly registered in the prefectoral list and in possession of high risk fire prevention technical suitability, guarantees access control, accompaniment of visitors, supervision of the environments hosting the event and fire prevention according to the regulations in force on the subject of safety.
The operators are trained and qualified to be able to intervene even in the event of first aid and fire, ensuring reliability, discretion and protection of the event and of the participants.

Top Secret is currently a leader in safety at renowned events and shows such as the Venice Film Festival, the National Competition of Miss Italy and Miss Italy in the World, Superbike, Moto Gp, Ferrari Challenge, Carnival of Cento, Carnival of Viareggio. , Mille Miglia – to name a few – both for commercial organizations and consolidated companies in carrying out investigative activities in the private, corporate and commercial spheres, theft prevention, concierge, reception and stewarding activities.

Via Giusti 12 – 30173 Venice (VE)
Cell. +393249920491
Tel. 0413197557

Toll-free number: 800.911.291

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